We have a new puppy.. lovely mumsnetters give me your knowledge

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DewDropsonKittens Sat 02-Feb-19 13:35:27

We have a gorgeous bullmastiff girl 😀

Getting going with crate, toilet and play training

Do you have any top tips for getting through the next few weeks?

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Wolfiefan Sat 02-Feb-19 13:42:04

Join the FB group dog training advice and support and check out their guides to toilet training and crate training etc. They’re great.

Lucisky Sat 02-Feb-19 13:45:55

You would do better to post this in the doghouse.

HolgerLowCarbingLoser Sat 02-Feb-19 13:49:22

You will likely need the Puppy Blues thread at some point.

If you report your OP to MNHQ you can ask for it to be moved to the Doghouse topic.

BrusselPout Sat 02-Feb-19 13:53:57

And remember the first MN rule about pet posting - you need a photo! (It's a bit like all parking posts needing a diagram...)

SunnySideUpX Sat 02-Feb-19 14:00:05

I have a male Bullmastiff. I would say as soon as she can go out on walks you need to socialise her, then socialise her some more, then some more... They are big, strong dogs and need to behave perfectly IMO.

Mine picked up toilet training instantly, his breeder had pretty much cracked it for me as he followed his mum outside. I would set alarms throughout the night so you can let her out every two hours or so. If she has an accident inside then put her straight outside (don't shout, obviously) Put her out after every meal and every hour or so. Reward her when she goes outside.

Mine has always loved his crate. We put a blanket or two in (did you take anything with her mum's scent on?), water and a couple of safe toys. You can cover it with a blanket to give her a safe space. When she's in there leave her be. Maybe put her in for 10 minutes here and there, then build up gradually. You can leave the TV on for her overnight.

Mine is now 21 months and an absolute superstar.

We 100% need photos, please!

DewDropsonKittens Sat 02-Feb-19 14:16:30

Here she is..

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DewDropsonKittens Sat 02-Feb-19 14:18:02

I have asked mnhq to move me

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Maelstrop Sat 02-Feb-19 15:12:42

Get her walking nicely on the lead or you’ll fly down slopes. I say this as the owner of several dogs who seriously believe they are sled dogs. They are not.

DewDropsonKittens Sat 02-Feb-19 18:09:12

Lol @maelstrop

Puppy classes are definitely on the agenda

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CMOTDibbler Sat 02-Feb-19 21:34:48

IMO, the most important things are socialisation (ie, get out and show them everything you can - buses, people, animals), recall (get the Total Recall book and start now), and walking nicely on the lead (vital for big dogs).

Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Sat 02-Feb-19 21:36:48

Do you need name suggestions??

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