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puppypalavas Mon 14-Jan-19 20:49:23

Some of you may remember my previous posts about our springer who was ripping us to shreds.
Just an update to say how much better she is now, just a couple of weeks on.
She’s rarely nips, and if she does it’s more mouthing and as soon as we get up and walk away she knows it’s gone too far and she’ll come back and lick us instead.
She’s started dog training and picked up sit and lie down within 30 minutes.
95% of the time she’s toilet trained.
She sleeps all night and can be crated for 2.5 hours when we need to go out without a peep from her!
She’s now allowed out walking and absolutely loves it, plus the benefit of it knackering her out!
We’ve got dog puzzle toys, kongs, lickimats and snuffle mats and overall she’s doing great!
What a difference a few weeks makes!

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puppypalavas Mon 14-Jan-19 20:52:05

Oh and she doesn’t have her mad hour in the evening anymore where she runs around like a rabid dog attacking legs, curtains, cushions, rugs etc!
She now gets an evening walk, puzzle toys and an antler to chew on!
So pleased with how she’s doing.

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missbattenburg Mon 14-Jan-19 20:55:26

Whoop! Whoop!

Great news, OP. It's like a little miracle when it starts to all come together properly, isn't it?

Well done for sticking with this bitey little madam and finding nice ways to alter her behaviour for the better.

Namechangeforthiscancershit Mon 14-Jan-19 20:56:19

So pleased for you. Sounds like amazing progress.

puppypalavas Mon 14-Jan-19 21:26:30

I finally feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel!
That biting week in particular was absolutely horrific! Hence my last post on here.
She’s turning into a little sweetie now though thank goodness!

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Wolfiefan Mon 14-Jan-19 21:27:56

That’s brilliant news! Well done.

billybagpuss Mon 14-Jan-19 21:31:26

Yay, So pleased for you, that was a good thread, it was nice seeing someone taking suggestions and them having a positive impact very quickly (despite the usual MN hysteria of 'arrgggh if your puppy bites you should rehome!!').

You know we need a pic though smile


puppypalavas Mon 14-Jan-19 21:31:34

You know when you first get a puppy, even if it’s not your first puppy, and you get that absolute dread of “what the bloody hell have we done?!”
It’s still a major learning curve, as it’s been a long while since we had a puppy.
Remembering you can’t go out for more than 2.5 hours, walking them 3 x a day, getting up in the night for wee trips, having to follow them around constantly in case they wee on the floor or chew something up!
But now we are bonding it’s all good!

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LittleLongDog Tue 15-Jan-19 13:24:43

I’m so glad! How old is she’s now?

BiteyShark Tue 15-Jan-19 13:41:39

I remember your thread. So pleased things are much better now grin

puppypalavas Tue 15-Jan-19 14:36:03

Oh gosh, I lose track!
Maybe 15 weeks?
She’s been really good all day today!

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CatnissEverdene Tue 15-Jan-19 15:00:59

We've got a 13 week old sprocker puppy.

I share your pain and have said to DH that I ever say about getting another puppy, he has full permission to have me sectioned.


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