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6 weeks until our pup comes home!

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OrchidFlakes Sun 06-Jan-19 19:30:35

She’ll be 10 weeks when she joins us, we’re new to dogs (currently reading pippa m??? Puppy handbook!)
Any advice or top tips? I’ve ordered a crate of wine winegrin

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sheerjewl Sun 06-Jan-19 19:37:14

Take puppy out every thirty minutes to teach him/her to wee outside .... we did this with ours and he was house trained in a week. Less likely to have accidents indoors then as you're always taking them out. Then lots of praise. We used to say "go pee" and even now at 5 years old he knows what we want him to do.

Clicker training can be quite good - easier to pin point the good behaviour and what you want.

Do not walk him/her far - some people take their puppies on long walks and you really shouldn't ... I believe until they are about 1 although I may be wrong on the age.

The first few months are difficult but it is so worth it! x

sheerjewl Sun 06-Jan-19 19:40:18

Oh also lots of socialisation is key. I took my pup outside ASDA, a car boot etc so she sees lots of different things and people. A puppy class is good too so she can socialise with dogs.
If you plan on taking her to pubs with you then good idea to do that from a young age.
It's just getting them used to everything at a really young age. You only have a small window to do it

Girlintheframe Mon 07-Jan-19 06:21:47

Take your pup every where you can. We used to carry ours into our town centre and just sit on a park bench to help him get used to cars, lorries, people etc. Took him to pubs etc
Play socialisation vids from you tube. Helped pup get used to all different noises such as fireworks, traffic sounds etc
Start as you mean to go if you don’t want pup on the bed/sofa don’t let them on the bed/sofa.
Walk for 5 mins per month of age once they have had their vaccinations
Puppy training classes have been fantastic and enroll as soon as you can.
Having pup in a crate next to our bed meant we could all get some sleep plus we could hear when pup stirred and took him straight out

MattMagnolia Mon 07-Jan-19 10:44:16

Other people’s advice may or may not work. Every dog is an individual. Expect housetraining to take several months.
Some puppies hate their crates.
That 5 minutes exercise per month may be ok for big breeds with dodgy joints, it’s impossible and not necessary for smaller high-energy pups.

Doggydoggydoggy Mon 07-Jan-19 10:49:37

5 minutes per month of age is very possible.
And necessary!
Particularly for a larger breed but no pup should be getting big walks.

I have a working bred, so higher energy, border collie and I managed it!

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