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Puppy started weeing upstairs

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flowerandflower Wed 28-Nov-18 18:30:26

7 month old patterdale pup. I let her in the back yard atleast once an hour, lots of praise for doing so and she never has an accident downstairs (all hard floors) but now she is allowed upstairs with her bed at the top of the stairs she keeps weeing on the carpet including the stairs. If I catch her I always say no firmly and take her to the back door where she knows (normally) to wait if she needs the toilet. It's hard to keep an eye on her all the time though and if I miss her doing it theres no point saying no because she forgets. Ive cleaned each spot thoroughly (she doesnt go to the same spot) but I dont know how to stop her thinking carpets/rugs/doormats are the toilet 😭

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BiteyShark Wed 28-Nov-18 18:36:38

Maybe she is confused by the carpets if she has been used to hard floors. My puppy got confused at daycare as they had carpets whereas I don't so he took longer to be toilet trained there then at home.

Personally I wouldn't let her upstairs unless you are actively supervising right now. I would also try and get her to pee outside right before you let her upstairs so she doesn't have a full bladder and isn't tempted to pee to try and break the habit.

flowerandflower Wed 28-Nov-18 18:40:10

Yeah I let her have a wee outside then come upstairs but maybe I didnt give her long enough. We have to have her upstairs now because of the male dog trying it on with her downstairs 😂

Think we will have to stick to letting her out even more often and praising her for it

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flowerandflower Wed 28-Nov-18 18:47:40

Any advice on barking at the slightest noise outside anyone? Everything sets her off - rain, people walking, car doors etc. Shes so loyal x

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BiteyShark Wed 28-Nov-18 19:09:22

Any outside sound that worries mine he growls and barks as a warning. I found that he is much better since we simply started to 'thank him'.

Sounds daft but I thank him in a light voice for alerting me and reassure him that it's now fine. If he continued I would take him in another room briefly so he stopped and then back again as if nothing had happened.

This seems to have stopped him a lot and now when he barks it's just a couple of times.

I do use a white noise machine though at night to muffle most of the noises because otherwise the cats and foxes wake him up and it frightens the life out of me when he barks and I am asleep.

flowerandflower Wed 28-Nov-18 19:32:53

My DD has a white noise teddy she will be able to hear it at night smile We'll try the thanking shes such a loyal pooch❤

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