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Girlintheframe Wed 21-Nov-18 13:42:46

Can anyone help? We have a 5 month old pup who is just lovely. Only problem is he is our shadow. Literally follows me or DH everywhere.
He sleeps fantastic in his crate overnight but if I attempt to leave him during the day he just barks and cries.

I’ve tried leaving him out of the crate with kongs etc for 30 mins yesterday but as I approached the house I could hear him crying and barking. I’m confused why he will happily leave our sides to go to bed and sleep all night but can’t bear to be alone during the day.

Should I let him cry it out or is there a better option?

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BiteyShark Wed 21-Nov-18 13:47:40

Have you tried getting him used to you coming and going in the day. I found baby gates to be good for this so I just came and went all the time and sometimes he could see me and sometimes he couldn't which got him used to being alone in the day with me in the house first before being alone on his own.

heidiwine Wed 21-Nov-18 17:51:07

We had the same problem. It was a nightmare. I thought he was ok but he wasn’t and our neighbours kindly told us he was howling every time we left. I videoed him and it was really sad to watch him so distressed.
After that I trained him to get used to it. It took about 2 months. He had to get used to me picking up the keys, then opening and shutting the door, gradually increasing the time I left him from 15 seconds to half an hour. Any sign of distress and I went back to a shorter time. I was doing this five or six times a day for ages.
He did get used to it and was calm when we were out.
The biggest difference though was when we stopped shutting him in the crate and when we left the kitchen door open. Now he is very relaxed when alone and is absolutely fine for about 3-4 hours (I wouldn’t leave him more than that).
I still leave him every day so that he expects it - sometimes just for 20-30 mins - these days he can’t even be arsed to come and greet me when I get in!

Girlintheframe Wed 21-Nov-18 20:52:35

Thanks both, you’ve given me some good ideas to work on

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nellieellie Mon 26-Nov-18 23:17:05

Totally agree with Heidi - we did same with our boy. Desensitisation going in and out of front door, picking up keys, putt8ng then down, putting on coat and just sitting down. Leaving for literally a couple of seconds, returning, ignoring dog.
Also used to do work in front garden where he could see me, intermittently walking back in then going out.
When I had to go out, I’d get a dog sitter

Evanna13 Mon 26-Nov-18 23:21:13

We did the same as Heidi with our little pup. She’s 2 now and doing great. Good luck.

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