Dog with ehrlichiosis (tick borne parasite disease)

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pudding21 Wed 14-Nov-18 15:57:20

Hi everyone

I don't normally post on here but looking for some reassurance really. My lovely 2 year old street dog developed ehrlichiosis (despite being treated every month) from a brown tick. He has got over the acute phase as in his white cell count has improved (was very low) and his liver failure and clotting also improved. But his anaemia remains. His Hb is only 5 today so I have just left him at the vet for his first blood transfusion.

This pup helped put me and my boys back together again following a split from their dad and I am devestated. Vet said if he doesn't respond to the transfusion his prognosis is very poor.

Has anyone got any success stories to help fill me with hope? He is such a beautiful, warm friendly dog, my whole neighbourhood loves him, everyone knows his name sad

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