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My pup is so funny! And a little odd.

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DogMamma Fri 09-Nov-18 15:39:07

Hi all just to share this.
My 6 month old Siberian husky is cracking me up today, she had carried my sock (dirty from yesterday) around the house with her today, everywhere she goes and is sleeping with it, she won't let any of the other dogs near it, she has also been playing in the was empty she went on a two mile trek today with her pack mates 1 mile to the beach a good hour playing and then a mile home, so she had a nice time this morning and will get another walk this evening has loads of toys I don't get it!!! Crazy thing she is

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DogMamma Fri 09-Nov-18 15:39:52

Cracking up as in making me laugh not wrecking my noggin anyone else's dogs in a peculiar mood today or just mine

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TropicPlunder Fri 09-Nov-18 16:12:25

Hmmm need photo of dog lovingly carrying sock!

Santaispolishinghissleigh Fri 09-Nov-18 16:15:56

Waves paw to fellow Husky!!

Santaispolishinghissleigh Fri 09-Nov-18 16:16:56

Also beware - socks can get stuck in the middle. My ddog ate a flip flop last summer. Very stressful.

Nesssie Fri 09-Nov-18 16:18:07

My 4year old 'puppy' still does something that makes me laugh every day!
He flings his treats around then rolls on top of them, he does kangaroo jumps through long grass, he will come up and sit on your lap (even though hes a German Shepherd) and then place one paw on your shoulder for maximum scratch effect, he will play bow and somehow fall over, sneeze hysterically whenever you spray perfume/ deo/hairspray, zoomies round the garden, snuggle up with his favourite fluffy rabbit toy etc etc

Bloody love my dog.

DogMamma Fri 09-Nov-18 16:57:23

@Santaispolishinghissleigh thankfully she isn't eating the sock just snuggling with it and carrying it to her next location!

@TropicPlunder photo to follow grin

@Nesssie my other dogs are 4 year old "puppies" too!! and are half Japanese Akita half german shepherd, and LOVE sitting on your knee too big lumps! they also love long grass! "hit/shout" at you if sat next to you and you stop giving belly tickles, rubs heads all over their ball/bone/chicken toy/rope/my DH shoe.....anything to claim it!

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DogMamma Fri 09-Nov-18 17:00:22

Couldn't get her carrying it, think she thought would take it off her, she ran to bed with it lol

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DogMamma Fri 09-Nov-18 17:01:36

Oh mam i see you have just cleaned the let me just dirty it for you!

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TropicPlunder Fri 09-Nov-18 17:07:08

grin she's lovely with her sock

DogMamma Fri 09-Nov-18 17:11:48

Errmm yeah I'm probably not getting to wash that untill tomorrow when I can sneak it and replace it with an odd sock grin

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DogMamma Fri 09-Nov-18 17:14:03

Don't see how it's comfortable to sleep like this either yet there he is!

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RussellTheLoveMuscle Fri 09-Nov-18 18:22:26

Oh bless her with her sock pet! grin

DogMamma Fri 09-Nov-18 18:24:24

So funny she has had it all day!

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Santaispolishinghissleigh Fri 09-Nov-18 18:37:51

An upside paw wave!!

DogMamma Fri 09-Nov-18 19:41:09

Your girlie is gorgeous! Crazy pooches. Dogs apparently sleep or lay with all fours in the air when the are 100% comfortable in that they feel safe and secure so they feel ok to expose most vulnerable part of their body. [Grin]

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