My poor puppy has been spooked by fireworks! 😡

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Mamabear12 Sun 04-Nov-18 21:09:20

We have a 7 month puppy who has been a dream dog, well adjusted, easily trained, happy etc. However, last night my husband took her out in the evening and she got spooked my a firework someone randomly set off near by (my husband couldn’t see where exactly but said it was down the street somewhere and loud enough she pulled on leash and ran all the way home). She was fine w fireworks noise far away. Anyway, since then she doesn’t want to be left downstairs alone. She keeps opening the gate to come upstairs. She always knew how, but only did it two times since we had her (from 8 weeks to 7 months!). She knows she isn’t allowed up. Since she got spooked she has snuck up 12 times since last night! Poor thing. We don’t want her coming upstairs. We prefer her to stay in the living room and kitchen area. Upstairs is where our bedrooms are and white carpets. Plus, she isn’t good with stairs so not a good idea for her to get in this habit. She had just started to sleep outside her crate at night for a few days and was doing well. We thought she was ready to give up her crate. But now tonight I had to encourage her to sleep in crate, which she went right in. She feels safe in there I guess. Anyway, what should I do? I don’t want her to have a fear. I want her to remain the happy calm dog she has been up until now. At the moment the only thing she is doing really is coming upstairs. But this leads me to believe she is scared. As she never did this so much before.

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user1471465525 Sun 04-Nov-18 22:08:29

Poor puppy does sound scared. Have you tried an adaptil collar or plug in .It can help to keep them calm and relaxed.

BiteyShark Mon 05-Nov-18 05:16:11

Not the same thing but my dog had some bad unavoidable experiences when he was younger which resulted in him being scared of certain things. I just took a step back and tried to get his confidence back again although he is still a more nervous dog in certain situations.

I would definitely use the crate again for as long as your dog needs it for security. Think about being around her now during fireworks because even if you think she is ok with them far away you don't know if anyone will set them off closer or if she is still feeling anxious. I stay with my dog during the fireworks period (usually up to 11ish-midnight but obviously longer New Year's Eve) but then if it's late enough we then go to our usual beds.

As for walking outside I would take it easy and maybe go for just small walks initially to build her confidence up that nothing bad is going to happen. I use an upbeat voice when mine gets a bit scared outside.

ThePoliticiansPraiseMyName Mon 05-Nov-18 05:25:55

I've used a white noise machine for my pups in the past, is this something you've tried? It might help her settle as she wouldn't be able to hear any sounds from outside, and would be a calming and consistent noise. Also have a look at thunder shirts, they can help make a dog feel secure. Poor pup, hopefully she will move past it. Try not to let yourself get stressed on her behalf as this will 'confirm' to her that there is something to worry about.

Justliving58 Mon 05-Nov-18 05:56:21

I think you are encouraging her in a way not intentionally smile but tie gate closed, dont let her upstairs (she has probably just realised she can get up stairs) put her In her crate with a toy and a treat, praise her and take her for usual short walks as if nothing happened, they pick up on you being anxious once u let it go and stop worrying i think shell be fine

Hisaishi Mon 05-Nov-18 05:59:31

Why do you not want her to be in the crate? Having a dog that is comfortable to sleep in its crate is definitely a good thing.

Iflyaway Mon 05-Nov-18 06:34:15

Play him Bob Marley! Serious!


Mamabear12 Mon 05-Nov-18 20:07:24

Thanks everyone. She was scared again this evening. I put her in the crate with a blanket over and put a cd on. A story book my kids listen to at breakfast sometimes. I checked and she was sound asleep in there. So I’m hoping she feels relaxed entire time.

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madzena Fri 16-Nov-18 19:33:32

Please also sign this petition

and write to your MP.

You can try melatonin 3 mg - but you will need to look up the dose rate based on the size of your dog.

Reggae music does help a bit.

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