The dog has toe cancer - anyone else with experience of this?

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Apocalyptichorsewoman Wed 24-Oct-18 20:02:22

Ddog Daisy is nearly 13, but very fit- walks 5-7 k a day, and is in really good condition.

She started to limp so I gave it a few days to see if it would settle then took her to the vets. We weren't sure where it was coming from, so had a weeks trial of anti-inflammatories.

Back a week later, and no difference- had X-ray which didn't show much, but there was some swelling around her digit.

We started a course of antibiotics, but it was clear a week in that it was getting worse, and she was struggling to put weight on it.

So we went back, and they were quite concerned, and suggested amputating her digit! The X-ray was ok but they couldn't rule out cancer in the soft tissues. I had a face like 😮 and asked him what he would do if she was his dog? He said" amputate"

They did it later that day, and she came home that night with the cone of shame...

It's healing really well and we are back enjoying lovely walks!

The histology came back and it was squamous cell carcinoma, but with clear margins. We went back tonight for a lymph gland check and general monitoring, and all looks well. She had a chest x-ray whilst under GA which was clear when she had the amputation. So she is back in a month for monitoring.

The vets have been brilliant to be honest. She came in for her check-up tonight, and two of the other vets came out to say Hello to her, as they had been involved in her care. And it was 3 weeks from first limp to amputation - I really can't fault them!

Does anyone else have any experience or had a dog with this type of cancer? How did it pan out? It was a shock at first- I know she's nearly 13, but she's so fit!

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