Plays with everything but toys!!

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stopeatingthatpls Wed 24-Oct-18 11:47:45

We’ve had a Pomeranian puppy 2 weeks now and honestly I have never loved something so much. grin

She has loads of toys and she does play with them if I encourage her but her favourite things to play with that she always favours are;

My tangle teezer, she goes nuts for it and I’m tempted to buy a new one so she can have my old one 😂

The carboard bit from toilet rolls, she always manages to get hold of one no matter how much I take them off of her and I have no idea how to stop her getting them because I don’t know where she’s finding them 😂 I don’t want her having these as I know if she swallows it (which I’m sure she has done) it can cause blockages.

And socks!! Soooo many socks!!! She must get them out the wash basket because I’m constantly finding socks in her bed!

She also seems to get a lot of fun out of splashing her water out of her bowl! I will refill her water and 2 minutes later there’s a massive puddle, her paws are soaked and her bowls empty! I tried deeper bowls so it’s harder for her to splash it out but she still did it until it was too shallow and then she couldn’t drink out of it!

Any advice on how I can get her to play with her toys instead of everything I don’t want her playing with? 😂

I know it’s only been 2 weeks and patience it key with puppies but she’s slowly driving me mad and I just need tips on how to work on stopping her playing with things that aren’t for her! 😂

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stopeatingthatpls Wed 24-Oct-18 11:52:19

Forgot to say I’ve tried taking the thing off her and replacing it with a toy but that doesn’t work for more than a second before she’s trying to get what I’ve taken back.

Picture of her being so sweet and innocent so I’ll give her the toilet roll back 😂

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BiteyShark Wed 24-Oct-18 12:00:04

Things like socks are probably because they smell of you so are nice and comforting. Whilst some people are happy to give their puppies socks etc to have I didn't want to go down that route so I just made sure that they were always kept away from him.

So for your socks I would make sure that the wash basket was never on the floor at all.

For other things as above make sure that any areas are puppy proofed so there is no way to get hold of them. Better to prevent than try to do swops.

To get her playing with toys maybe play with her with them so she sees them as exciting rather than passive things that are 'just there'.

pigsDOfly Wed 24-Oct-18 13:43:51

Well that's a face of pure evil grin.

You need to adjust your life to accommodate a small creature who is after all those interesting things.

As the owner of a small fluffy dog I can tell you that that is one of the advantages of having a dog that will never be able to reach your worktops. All you have to do is keep everything you don't want her to play with on a higher level.

I agree, make the toys, and you, the most interesting things in your house and she will play with them. And apply that principal when you move on to training and playing in the park as it makes for a good recall.

People are often surprised to see my little fluff ball retrieving her ball in the park, as it's not a breed know for its retrieval skills, but she loves it but only does it because it's what I've taught her.

Poms are intelligent little dogs and enjoy training. She'll soon get to understand what is and isn't hers to play with.

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Wed 24-Oct-18 16:49:58

This is a battle I would not fight. Give her your odd socks as a toy give her . Stuff one sock with other socks it is a great puppy toy - cheaper than all the toys in shops. Put away the socks you do not want her to have

Re water bowl get a road refresher water bowl to stop the paddling

One of my fosters favorite toy was a brush - but it meant that he had excellent recall I just looked a bit of an idiot on a dog walk hmm

Flower pots seems to be another puppy favourite

fivedogstofeed Wed 24-Oct-18 18:20:39

You can buy all the toys you want but IME there's nothing a puppy likes more than a plastic bottle, cardboard tube or a sock.
If you want to keep your socks then keep laundry in a room where the puppy doesn't go.

pigsDOfly Wed 24-Oct-18 18:29:22

Oh yes, reading Vallahala's post reminded me, re the sock thing, I did that too.

When she was a puppy my dog would try to steal my, clean, socks as I was putting them on so in the end I found some nice thick old socks that I no longer wore and let her have them to play with.

They were part of her toy box for quite some time. A bit embarrassing having old socks in her toy box so I always tried to make sure they were hidden when people came round, but she didn't care, she loved them.


Dogmum94 Wed 24-Oct-18 19:13:29

We have spent SO much money on all manner of different toys for our 10 month old puppy. His favourite one by far is a tennis ball inside an old sock, knotted just above the ball so it stays in. He even sleeps with it! Same as babies loving the boxes their presents come in I guess haha grin

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