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Our irish wolf hound has eaten dark chocolate !!!

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CoolCarrie Sat 13-Oct-18 19:57:24

What should we do?
He is 60kgs and has eaten 100gm bar of mint dark chocolate, and seems fine but I am concerned

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AmabelleOnabike Sat 13-Oct-18 20:01:57

My 36kg retriever often ate stolen chocolate (whole bars as we had small children who were easy pickings - and well she knew it!) and I didn't even know she wasn't meant to blush. All I did was get cross with her. She didn't suffer ill effects as far as i know and lived to 14 years of age. I do have a much smaller dog now and am vigilant about her not having chocolate as I'm not sure she's as hardy and I imagine weight matters here.

BiteyShark Sat 13-Oct-18 20:04:26

There are calculators on the internet but if it was me I would phone my emergency vets and give them the information in your post. They will tell you whether you need to go in or not.

p.s. dark chocolate is more poisonous then milk chocolate in smaller quantities so I would phone them now.

Bunnybigears Sat 13-Oct-18 20:04:56

I would call out of hours vets for advice, some insurance has a helpline you can call as well. Ive heard you should give them mustard to make them sick but my dog would just eat the mustard as well.

missbattenburg Sat 13-Oct-18 20:09:28

100g is a fair amount, even for a dog that size.

I would call a vet asap.

FlotSHAMnJetson Sat 13-Oct-18 20:11:03


I know with grapes that there is not set 'overdose' level and that it varies per dog with no correlation to size/breed etc I can't remember if chocolate is the same. Either way, better safe than sorry.

LEMtheoriginal Sat 13-Oct-18 20:11:22

Check out dog chocolate calculator

Chocolatedeficitdisorder Sat 13-Oct-18 20:14:49

Calculator says mild-moderate risk and you should consult a vet and give this advice

Monitor your dog closely for up to 24 hours after ingestion. If they show any of the symptoms listed below, contact your vet or, out of hours, your nearest Vets Now pet emergency clinic or 24/7 hospital.

Vomiting or diarrhoea
Rapid breathing
Restlessness or hyperactivity
Tremors or incoordination
Increased heart rate

LEMtheoriginal Sat 13-Oct-18 20:15:10

This says mild to moderate risk and recommend calling ooh vet.

How long ago did he eat it? How old? Otherwise well?

MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Sat 13-Oct-18 20:15:43

yes, vet!

one of our GSDs got into a tub of high percentage cocoa, he was hyper, vet couldn't keep the drip in, but he was fine in the end, we don't know how much is actually ingested though....there was a lot of it all over the floor through the kitchen, utility, hall and sitting room!

Vet said there's technical data, but a very wide set of variables so what can kill one dog of a set weight/breed might not even turn the hair of a smaller different breed.

Chelonia Sat 13-Oct-18 20:15:43

Vet Nurse here, EMERGENCY, call vet NOW. Call your own vet and their answering service will direct you to the out of hours emergency vet that they work with. Let the experts decide if your dog lives or dies, not the internet. Fastest and cheapest treatment is to get there when it's still early enough to make him vomit and get charcoal into him to absorb remnants. Go now!!

CoolCarrie Sat 13-Oct-18 21:04:33

He is fine otherwise, he is 7 and 1/2 years old. We had guests for lunch and they brought us chocolate which was placed out of his reach, but he is cheeky, he knocked it down and ate the lot.

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BiteyShark Sat 13-Oct-18 21:07:20

It can take several hours for symptoms to show so him being fine now isn't anything to go by.

PP have said the calculators say mild to moderate risk so why take the risk for the sake of a phone call to the vets?

CoolCarrie Sat 13-Oct-18 21:07:31

We phoned our neighbour who is the vet who sees him, and she has come around to have a look.

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ANellRetentive Sun 14-Oct-18 08:34:08

Really, she lives next door and you didn't think to ask her and not a bunch of randoms on the internet?

ANellRetentive Sun 14-Oct-18 08:34:38

Not next door, a neighbour

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 14-Oct-18 10:39:21

How is the dog doing this morning?

CoolCarrie Sun 14-Oct-18 14:36:42

He is absolutely fine, thank you all. Eating and happy, but will keep an eye on him.

I wasn’t asking random people, this is The Dog House subject.
It was Saturday as we didn’t know if our neighbours would be in and she is a few streets away.

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