New puppy name inspiration (obligatory photos)

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Parsley1234 Thu 27-Sep-18 08:04:46

New arrival landing Sunday shortlist is :
Rocky Ronnie Stanley Aloysious and Rupert
He follows in big paw prints of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who met an untimely tragic death and I wasn’t going to get another beast so soon.
However best laid plans etc
Please hit me with your ideas thank you

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TwitterQueen1 Thu 27-Sep-18 08:10:05

I'm loving Stanley!

How about Teaser?! or Elton

He's absolutely gorgeous [we need a heart emoji]

Aprilshowersnowastorm Thu 27-Sep-18 08:14:04

Malty? Nn for Malteser!!

IthinkIsawahairbrushbackthere Thu 27-Sep-18 08:16:56

Please call him Aloysious! Regardless of their real names my dad would call our family dogs Aloysious (and the the daft mutts would come to him!) Plus he looks like a teddy bear.

MargaretDribble Thu 27-Sep-18 08:21:03

Apparently Rocky is a very popular name for dogs so you might want to choose one of the others - just in case Rocky the Rottweiler bounds over when you call.😜

TheGirlOnTheLanding Thu 27-Sep-18 08:24:11

When I went to open this thread the one below was titled 'Roger' so that's what I think he should be called.

Icklepup Thu 27-Sep-18 08:30:36



Bunnybigears Thu 27-Sep-18 08:33:17

Stanley Aloysious Surname
All dogs should have an over the top middle name.

Bouledeneige Thu 27-Sep-18 08:40:11


DogTiredNow Thu 27-Sep-18 08:42:06

He looks like a Rufus

TitsalinaBumSquash Thu 27-Sep-18 08:42:55

He's obviously a Stanley. 😊

Rainbowturkey Thu 27-Sep-18 09:23:26

Looks like a Hugo to me.

MargaretDribble Thu 27-Sep-18 10:30:42

Might be asking for trouble unless he's neutered Thegirlonthelanding.

Dandybelle Thu 27-Sep-18 10:42:49

<literally just here for the photos>

I'd go Stanley though. Suits him.

P.s he's lovely!

Parsley1234 Thu 27-Sep-18 14:38:18

Ahhhh thank you everyone ! It’s still undecided I’ll update when he’s home x

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IrmaFayLear Thu 27-Sep-18 14:44:41

Since you used to have a Wolfgang, how about a Wagner? You have to shout it to see the effect: "WAGNER!!!" I think it works...

Or perhaps Bach, or better still, Offenbach.

Next door neighbour had a succession of dogs similar to yours, all called Keats. I'm quite partial to a Percy Bysshe Shelley, then you have three to choose from!

StanniesMam Thu 27-Sep-18 16:54:12


Thank golly it’s not just me - have been composing a thread in my head for days ‘is it normal to give my pup a middle name’ grin

MrsFoxPlus4 Thu 27-Sep-18 16:56:16


MardyMavis Thu 27-Sep-18 23:00:05


MadhousMom59 Thu 27-Sep-18 23:16:35


RedHelenB Fri 28-Sep-18 07:17:39

Rupert because he has teddy bear paws!

innabler Fri 28-Sep-18 07:23:36

How about Jeaku smile

TaggieRR Fri 28-Sep-18 07:27:22

I love Aloysious!

MawkishTwaddle Fri 28-Sep-18 07:47:28


AvocadosBeforeMortgages Fri 28-Sep-18 08:04:46

Your pup is going to spend their life spelling Aloysious out to people ;) Tbh I'd only come across the Aloysius spelling before.

I do rather like Stanley Aloysious though!

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