Does anyone else's dog hate Alexa?

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missbattenburg Tue 18-Sep-18 10:37:24

How about partnering it with something nice - e.g have a pot of treats nearby so every time Alexa speaks, the dog gets a treat thrown down?

My own dogs ignore Alexa - but she is one of many disembodied voices in the house as I am a bit of a sucker for 'smart' devices grin

RedSquirrelMoonlight Tue 18-Sep-18 02:49:25

Mine hates electric cars and the hair dryer, could be some background Alexa noise that is at a pitch humans can't here?

Monkee4 Mon 17-Sep-18 21:14:49

Not the Joan Collins character in Dynasty (not that I remember ;)! but the Amazon device. Everytime I ask mine to do something the poor dog runs away! At first I thought it was because you have to be quite firm when talking to Alexa don't you - otherwise she just ignores you - mine does anyway. But now I wonder if Alexa's voice just freaks him out! bless him

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