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Why does my dog not seem to wee frequently

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tworoundsofwaterplease Sun 02-Sep-18 04:24:07

I am not complaining just a little bit worried and also curious.
I've had dogs all my life and usually, first task of the morning is let them out. I've seldom left them alone for more than a few hours but when in, the day seemed to consist of let dog in let dog out let dog in let dog out(and walks obviously).

My dog now, first thing in morning she isn't bothered. I'll open the door and sometimes she'll go out but more often than not she won't. Itll be an hour or so later when I go out to bin/washing/work depending on day.

She's seldom left alone very long, me and dp work shifts and they rarely fall during a time period where we're both out for a long time, at the same time. Now and again they do and I'll get someone else to let/take her out during that time. Today my Sister came to let her out but she wouldnt go out just wanted to play. Expect for her to be dying to go out when I got in. Nope. Got in, she fussed over me, lazed around and I've only just got her to go out for a wee now an hour later . If we work late we don't rise until around lunchtime, and she's same then. What's all this about? She knows to ask to go out when she needs to and will. Recently she was poorly and woke me at 7 am to let her out before having diarrhoea all over the garden so it isn't that she doesn't get it. She drinks enough and seems very healthy.

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ElizabethMainwaring Sun 02-Sep-18 05:16:32

Hi. I've no answers, but find this interesting as I noticed this about my dog too over the past couple of weeks while we were away on holiday. At home, she goes in and out the cat flap (a lot) so I never really noticed when she was weeing. But on holiday I was taking her out in the garden on her lead for a wee in the morning, and even in the middle of the night. And yes, she never seemed desperate and would rarely go, and wait until we went for a walk. I really wouldn't be worried if I were you. What type of dog is she btw? Mine's a bichon cross.

tworoundsofwaterplease Sun 02-Sep-18 05:28:09

I've remembered another too, a few weeks ago when it was hot, we planned to do a canal walk involving an hour's drive. Took plenty of water for her, she wouldn't go out that morning before we set off ,we planned to stop off at a place half way where there's a bit of land with a pond etc, did so, she wouldn't wee still, then we got stuck in a horrid traffic jam and it took another 2.5 hours to get there. I was so worried about her given how hot it was. But she wouldn't drink water and wouldn't wee when we stopped. It was only when we got to the canal that she did. We did the walk, she swam in canal didn't over heat (thank feck). She's a mal/alsation cross. Huge! So not a breed thing (I love bichons) smile

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Plentyoffishnets Sun 02-Sep-18 05:32:27

my dog is exactly the same and I have been wondering this also. I don't know how he does it really - and is no spring chicken- 7 and a half years old l. Following this thread with interest

villainousbroodmare Sun 02-Sep-18 05:38:31

Dogs only drink according to their hydration needs, not, as we do, for social reasons, taste etc. So they actually don't need to pee half as much as most people think.

ElizabethMainwaring Sun 02-Sep-18 06:57:58

I am aware that dogs drink to re-hydrate, as I'm sure the other posters are...
I've also been concerned that my dog (and my previous dog) doesn't drink anywhere near as much water when we are away from home. And it's really noticeable (and worrying) when it's hot.
In fact, on holiday last year ddog got a UTI which I suspect was because she wasn't drinking enough.

TheKitchenWitch Sun 02-Sep-18 07:26:46

That sounds completely normal to me. Both mine have been like this. 3 wees a day top, plus lots of marking while out on walk.
My Parson Russel used to drink loads, but my border terrier cross has one big (very messy) drink after her walk, and then maybe a sip after dinner.
She did drink more on holiday though, when it was hot. I just make sure she’s always got water readily available all the time.

pigsDOfly Sun 02-Sep-18 10:52:03

My dog is like this. Small dog 6.5kilos so small bladder. She weed last night before bed just before midnight and she hasn't needed to wee again yet. She'll probably go out to the garden to wee and poo after she's had her first meal of the day, she eats at about 11.30/11.45.

She's fed on wet food so doesn't drink an awful lot of actual water. She'll usually drink after a walk and after eating mainly. I usually take water on a walk and she'll drink if she's been running a lot, although we don't walk when it's too warm as she has a double coat and doesn't like the heat.

She's always had good bladder control even as a tiny puppy - house training was a breeze. I imagine that they're like people, some wee more than others.

YolandiFuckinVisser Sun 02-Sep-18 10:58:49

My dogs are like this too. They go into the garden first thing in the morning but usually just stand by the back door waiting to be let back in again. Same thing at night, the last person to go to bed lets them out but they rarely do anything other than stand around waiting to come back in.

villainousbroodmare Sun 02-Sep-18 11:03:41

hmm You're missing the point, ElizabethMainwaring. They drink only to rehydrate. So they do not urinate nearly as much as humans, who drink for many reasons. Also they may dislike drinking for reasons which are not logical to us: water too clean, too chlorine, bowl too shiny, etc etc. Hence sometimes failing to drink when they do need to, and yes, certainly that wouldn't help a UTI but alone it would not cause one.

GingerCatBigBalls Sun 02-Sep-18 12:31:20

How big is the dog? Big dog = big bladder so they don't need to wee as often as little dogs.

tworoundsofwaterplease Sun 02-Sep-18 12:32:01

Thanks for the replies , glad to know it's normal. I hear you about them only drinking when they need to and not like we do ('cause we fancy a cup of tea etc!)it's just that none of my other dogs have been like her. She is young though (2 and a half).

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tworoundsofwaterplease Sun 02-Sep-18 12:33:04

Over 6 stone, ginger smile my big baby. So yes you're right. smile

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pigsDOfly Sun 02-Sep-18 19:18:33

My dog is 6.5kilo and seems to have the bladder of an elephant. So small dog doesn't necessarily mean frequent weeing; well certainly not in my dog's case.

LegoandiPads Mon 03-Sep-18 07:52:47

I have a 9 month old pup like this. Last wee was 11pm, i’ve been up since 6 but she hasn’t been out yet.

Cath2907 Mon 03-Sep-18 09:22:05

Mine is 6.5kg and he doesn't wee all day. Saves it up for his walks. I get up at 6am and we go out at 6:30am. He doesn't ask to go in the garden before then. He wees his way around the walk and we are back by 7:30 - 8:00 am. He will then not go out in the garden all day (I am here and would let him out) until we go out at 5pm for our second walk. He then wees his way around the place and then holds on again until his pre-bed 10 min trundle up the road. If I take him out at lunchtime he wees all over the place but apparently he won't wee in the garden. He used to wee in the garden and poo there but now all those are done on walks as well.

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