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I don't know where to turn next

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sobeyondthehills Wed 01-Aug-18 16:20:16

We have been given our notice to leave and due out at the end of this month (31st August) due to various things, we have applied to the council and they have agreed to house us, the problem being our pets, we have 2 cats and a dog, they have said they can't come with us. I have managed to find a temp house for the cats, but our dog is dog aggressive, also doesn't like strangers, once he knows you he is your best friend. I am struggling to find a temporary home for him, while we are in emergency accomadation and the only advice we have had is that we will have to put him down.

We have worked long and hard to get him to the stage we are at now and to put a perfectly healthy dog down is just abhorrent to me, I am hoping for something to turn up, I have applied to charities, shared on local facebook dog sites, but for obvious reasons I don't want him to just go anywhere.

We are looking for private lets that allow pets, but its unlikely we are going to get one through an estate agents and there doesn't seem to be any private landlords in my area.

I am really after any ideas what I can do, sorry this is a bit long but I didn't want to drip feed.

Just remembered he is dog aggresive due to being attacked 3 times in a very short space of time when he was younger, he is fine with dogs being in the area just as long as they are not in his space, he can walk past a dog that is about within 3 feet with no reaction, he just wants to chase his ball

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MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Wed 01-Aug-18 17:08:15

Could a rescue take him temporarily?

Sorry though, abounds awful.

sobeyondthehills Wed 01-Aug-18 17:22:46

No, I have tried all the local rescues and none of them are able to take him.

I am trying to see if they can suggest any foster homes I might try, which a few are trying for me. I have had a few offers on facebook to take him, but I am very relecutant to take those offers because I have no way of knowing who is genuine and who isn't.

Should also say the breeder I got him off can't take him back temporaily either

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Wed 01-Aug-18 17:47:28

What an awful situation to be in sad

A few ideas
- When private renting, I've had some success using the pet CV suggested here It goes into detail about all his good bits, and things like my routine which means he's rarely left alone for long periods of time, but naturally I haven't included the fact he's reactive, because it's not relevant to the landlord (you don't find his triggers indoors!)
- Open Rent is a good way to find private landlords who may be more flexible
- The Reactive Dogs (UK) Facebook page may have some bright ideas - it's worth a try, although naturally members there won't be able to take your dog as they have dogs of their own
- Start looking further afield at different rescues - but at the same time you will need to be careful about which one he went to due to the risk of him being put down for behavioural reasons. Dogs Trust are selective intake (i.e. they don't take every dog) but if the dog does get in then they offer fantastic behavioural support.

As much as it is arguably unethical to suggest this (but not as unethical as being forced into a situation where you have to put a healthy dog down) if you find a private landlord and take on a 12 month tenancy and "forget" to mention your dog, they find it's both incredibly difficult and expensive to evict you during the fixed term of your tenancy agreement. Yes, if they find out about the pets and decide they would sooner find a new tenant (though if you are otherwise model tenants they may let you stay), then they will eventually evict you - but it would give you 12 months breathing room + however long it takes the landlord to evict you through the courts (an additional several months). The deposit has to be protected, by law, and the landlord could only make deductions for actual damage (e.g. dog has chewed the skirting boards) not breach of tenancy agreement without damage.

sobeyondthehills Wed 01-Aug-18 18:01:21


Thank you so much, I haven't seen the pet CV s will have a look at that. Open Rent don't have anything in my area, also due to our credit history, its unlikely we will pass a credit check. However we havent stopped looking. Because you just never know, I am a member of the reactive dog page and its because of the resources there Max (my dog) has improved so much.

To be honest what we really need is a couple more months but our landlord needs to sell quickly so can't offer us that, also she doesn't want to sell with tennents in situ

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Fatjilly Wed 01-Aug-18 23:13:29

If you’re applying for a private rental (even if they specify no pets) write a letter including pictures of your pets in your current clean, not-been-destroyed home. Offer to pay 25% extra deposit and have a clause added to rental agreement that, on leaving, you will undertake full professional carpet cleaning throughout.

sobeyondthehills Wed 01-Aug-18 23:24:16

Thanks Fatjilly, we were obviously going to take photos of the house when we leave anyway, but I will take some now to prove that none of the animals have destroyed anything.

I am fairly sure the child has cause more damage than the animals

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Fatjilly Wed 01-Aug-18 23:38:40

It’s always worked for me. Ive also added the point that having a dog in the house is a good burglar deterrent! Good luck...I’m sure something will turn up smile

sobeyondthehills Thu 02-Aug-18 00:09:53

I hope so, its breaking my heart thinking I may have to get rid of them

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Dottierichardson Thu 02-Aug-18 01:56:41

OP if you got your dog from a breeder, have you tried breed specific rescues? It may be they might know of foster carers. I'm so sorry you're facing this, I can't imagine having to give up my dog, I hope you sort this out. Try bumping the thread tomorrow there are a group of hard-core posters who are very well-informed and maybe one of those can make some suggestions. Take care.

sobeyondthehills Thu 02-Aug-18 10:08:26

Thank you Dottie, I have tried the breeder and they had no real suggestions

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Beaverhausen Thu 02-Aug-18 10:15:22

Have you tried gum tree for renting? Also have you tried the dogs trust and odd a they might be able to help you.

sobeyondthehills Thu 02-Aug-18 10:35:02

I have tried gumtree, nothing in my area. I have tried dog trust, what is Odd?

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Dottierichardson Thu 02-Aug-18 11:18:30

OP I meant breed specific rescues, for example if you have a Jack/Parson Russell there are people who have rescue centres just for them, as there are for Labradors etc. I don't know what breed your dog is so can't look it up for you.

sobeyondthehills Thu 02-Aug-18 12:16:04

No I hadn't thought to look at breed specific, he is a springer/lab max but nothing like either breed e.g Hates water.

I shall have a google, thank you

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NC4Statelyhomes Thu 02-Aug-18 12:25:57

PM me - we would be willing to foster if we can just check a few things first.

Hidingtonothing Thu 02-Aug-18 12:27:14

Can you give us an idea of your general area OP? I have a few rescue contacts who might be able to help but need to know whereabouts you are.

SpanielsAreNuts Thu 02-Aug-18 12:35:59

A lot of Labrador specific rescues take Labrador crosses in/ may have fosterers who can help.

prettygreywalls Thu 02-Aug-18 12:57:19

Hi I've not had chance yet to read the thread but jumped in with have you tried the cinnamon trust ? As a temporary measure ? I believe they help people in need with temporary care for dogs

sobeyondthehills Thu 02-Aug-18 16:36:05

I am in Surrey,

Weirdly Prettygreywalls, I have just had an email from another rescue suggesting them.

I am also looking into getting my mental health team (long story) into agreeing to write a letter stating how to lose him would be worse on my mental health, He calms me when I have a panic attack, but he is not an assistant dog, so I am not sure how well that is going to work.

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