Sunderland dog friendly parks/walks/beaches

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Mothership4two Fri 27-Jul-18 23:18:19

I am coming up to Sunderland next week with my son and taking the dog for the first time. I have looked online but it is unclear where we can take the dog off-lead and which parts of the beach are dog-friendly. We are staying near Mowbray Park, which is OK for dogs but only if on a lead, which seems to be the case for most parks there. Our dog is under a year and needs a good run around to use up energy - she will be climbing the walls if I can only take her out on a lead!

Also, on the Metro website it states that dogs are OK but in all the times I have been on the Metro, I have yet to see a dog.

I would really appreciate any info on parks/beaches/Metro - big thanks!!

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Chippednailpolish Fri 27-Jul-18 23:26:17

A couple of miles further north is Souter lighthouse. There are a few miles of lovely coastal walks you can do from there. We often take our dog there when visiting family. Have a lovely time!

MrsLCW Mon 30-Jul-18 15:33:46

Herrington Park/Penshaw Monument are both musts! We used to live there and really miss these walks!! X

superram Mon 30-Jul-18 15:37:28

Part of rocket beach is dog friendly but not seaburn

superram Mon 30-Jul-18 15:37:40


Mothership4two Mon 30-Jul-18 17:01:37

Thanks will try these out. Have found out they have a Doggie Diner here - that should be a laugh!

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Blackgrouse Fri 03-Aug-18 18:19:28

Backhouse park (about a 10 minute walk from Mowbray) is pretty much a dog walking park, they can be off lead throughout. Tunstall Hill is also great for dogs, Herrington Country Park & Penshaw as already mentioned.

Drive along the coast and park at the car park opposite Cornthwaite Park at Whitburn, the beach there is great, dogs all of lead and if you catch the tides right your son could go rock pooling. Whitburn Village is lovely and there is a coffee shop on the corner where you can sit outside with your dog, also a couple of pubs and an ice cream parlour. You could park for free in Cornthwaite Park and just cross over the road for the beach.

The Doggy Diner on sea road is ok, Whitburn is much nicer though.


Blackgrouse Fri 03-Aug-18 18:22:54

Re the Metro, I rarely use it but have seen dogs on it. Will you have a car or just using the metro? If just using the metro you might be better getting it to the stop near the Glass Centre (St Peter's I think) and there's a nice walk along the river down to Roker beach then along the coast.

Mothership4two Thu 24-Jan-19 04:51:30

That was all really helpful. Don't bother with the Doggie Diner - it was rubbish, go to a nice dog friendly pub instead!

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