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Business name - HELP!

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glamglittergirl Fri 20-Jul-18 18:06:43

I am starting a business as a sole trader. Initially, I will be offering a proofreading service only, but I would like to diversify into other areas of publishing in the future.

I am not keen on the idea of using my own name as I am not intending to work independently forever.

I've jotted a few phrases down which are based on word play:

Wordy Wise
Write Right
Miss Print
Word Nerd
Well Read

You get the idea! But I think these sound quite tacky, predictable and old-fashioned.

There is so much advice out there; it has to be meaningful, it has to be self-explanatory, it has to have a story, it has to be short and easy to remember, it has to be suitable for SEO etc. My head is spinning!

I want to come across as classy, vibrant and modern, but also friendly, human and professional.

I am still in the early stages of planning so I don't have a USP yet but I am starting up, as I say, initially as a proofreader. This will be on People Per Hour, to enable me to build up a portfolio and gain experience.

Has anyone any advice or suggestions, please? :-) Or obviously, any other relevant advice in general.

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AjasLipstick Fri 20-Jul-18 18:09:13

I am in the same line of work OP and I recommend just using your own name.

Mine is something like "Sally Jones, Proofreading Services" or Sally Jones, Proofreader"

When you brand yourself as a "big business" and you're not, it looks amateurish and people can tell...even if you use "we" in your website copy.

glamglittergirl Fri 20-Jul-18 18:09:50

Sorry, I appear to have put this post in the wrong place!


Please can someone move it to the appropriate place?

Many thanks.

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glamglittergirl Fri 20-Jul-18 18:13:40

Thanks Ajas, I see your point but I definitely don't want to do this. I've looked at the pros and cons and there is as much against it as for it.

I don't want to come across as a big business but I want to give myself room for expansion in my name so that I don't have to change it in the future.

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DeckSofa Fri 20-Jul-18 18:44:59

I was already starting to think of names for dog walkers, kennels and vets grin

Quite Write
Proof Perfect

I wouldn't go for Word Nerd or Miss Print as nerd and misprint seem negative.

BiteyShark Fri 20-Jul-18 18:52:07

To get it moved you probably need to report your post and ask MN to move to the appropriate section.

glamglittergirl Fri 20-Jul-18 20:43:14

Thank you...

I have already reported to MN asking for thread to be moved.

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glamglittergirl Sat 21-Jul-18 09:45:25

Hope this is OK - I have now posted on the self-employment board.

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