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3rd eyelid protruding

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missbattenburg Fri 20-Jul-18 11:16:56

Battendog woke up this morning with the third eyelid in one eye about 1/3 to 1/2 across his eyeball. He occasionally paws at it so it's irritating to some degree. Over the last few hours (he woke at about 7am) it has fluctuated with being a bit better, a bit worse, sometimes the inner eyelid on the other eye does the same and sometimes not.

Anyway, he's at the vet in an hour or so to get it checked out but I just wondered if anyone was around who'd seen this before and what happened?

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Ginkgo Fri 20-Jul-18 11:25:15

One of my dogs had this, it was caused by an infection. She had eye drops twice (I think) a day for a week. It cleared up quite quickly and she didn't seem to mind the eye drops too much.

I hope Battendog is better soon.

missbattenburg Fri 20-Jul-18 11:28:50

Thanks Ginkgo - fingers crossed it's something relatively simple like that. It's his birthday today as well! Poor ole pup.

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missbattenburg Fri 20-Jul-18 18:09:29

So, he's been to the vets and has conjunctivitis plus a small ulcer/abrasion on the worst eye (presumably from trying to scratch it). The vet has given us some eye drops to treat the conj. (isathal) and drops for the ulcered eye to help repair the eye surface (remend).

He seems a bit sorry for himself this evening and I feel very bad for him.

Just ppsting in case anyone else has any top tips for helping him mend?

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BiteyShark Fri 20-Jul-18 18:17:06

Hope you are good at putting eye drops ingrin.

We had to do it on a couple of occasions and let's just say it was a fight.

missbattenburg Fri 20-Jul-18 19:41:00

Somehow I've got very lucky because he's just waiting patiently for his eye drops. This morning he let the vet pull his inner eyelid away from the eyeball by about 0.5 cm, with a pair of tweezers, without putting up a fuss!

I can only assume he's feeling rotten because this is not like him at all!

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