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Dog buggy? Garden wagon thing? Sling?

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TheGherkin Tue 17-Jul-18 16:23:50

Old dog is getting older and stiffer and sooooo slooooow. He’s struggling to keep up with big dog and young small dog and it’s a bit of a pain for everyone to go at old dog pace.

So i’m Contemplating a dog buggy or something, but it needs to be able to go off road as we walk in open country. Also i’m not sure H is man enough to be seen pushing a lapdog in a buggy.

Buggy? Cool little red wagon ( £££ ££)? Garden truck? Or a sling?

What is best for small old dogs to go for nice walks in?

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CMOTDibbler Tue 17-Jul-18 17:03:38

My SILs very elderly spaniel has a dog trailer like this, and it works really well as its not an embarrassing buggy and is fine off road

lutjanus Tue 17-Jul-18 17:08:57

I've seen a lady on my walks same situation 3 dogs but one older and she has him in a kids buggy

lutjanus Tue 17-Jul-18 17:10:47

Sorry should have said I thought it looked fine and I didn't judge!

TheGherkin Tue 17-Jul-18 17:22:46

be’s A small sausage so doesn’t need anything huge.

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Bamaluz Wed 18-Jul-18 14:50:00

Couldn't you just carry him when he tires?

pigsDOfly Wed 18-Jul-18 15:22:01

Not sure about carrying a dog whilst walking two other dogs Bamaluz.

My 6 kilo dog went through a period of illness a while ago and would tire easily on walks, at which point I'd pick her up and carry her. After a short while she felt very heavy.

It crossed my mind at one point to get a buggy if it was going to be a long term thing but thankfully it wasn't necessary.

I certainly wouldn't look askance at anyone pushing a dog in a dog buggy, I'd assume dog was old or infirm. I think a wagon type thing is good for a large dog but for a small dog a dog buggy would probably be more comfortable unless it was a wagon with good suspension.

missbattenburg Wed 18-Jul-18 15:57:37

Something like this is what you need!

Badgerthebodger Wed 18-Jul-18 16:02:30

Our elderly boy had one of these before we lost him last year. He was quite a chunky JRT and in all honesty was a bit big for it but he did like it and it worked perfectly for putting him in when he got tired.

Thebag Wed 18-Jul-18 18:27:32

Before you go to the expense of getting something, try one out first if you can because our Labrador won't go in the one we bought. We've tried endless times and he howls, gets upset and tries to climb out of it. We've practiced up and down our street - much to the hilarity of the neighbours ! We've tried in quiet secluded places and used treats as rewards - and he still howls and gets distressed
We have one like this

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