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Puppy has learnt to use 'doggy doorbells' and I am stupidly excited by this

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BassAce Tue 13-Feb-18 10:44:54

Just as the title says really... I bought a set of doggy doorbells off Amazon a couple of weeks ago (basically a string of bells that you hang off the back door handle). Have made no effort to 'teach' my dachshund puppy how to use them at all, just relied on the fact that obviously every time I open the door to let him out they jingle and make a noise.

Now here we are just shy of 2 weeks later, and my clever little pup now goes to the back door and shakes his bells to alert me every time he wants to go out for a wee or a poo. (Ok, admittedly when it snowed he got over excited and asked me literally every 5 minutes to go out so he could play in it, and I was up and down like an idiot all evening grin)
But considering dachshunds are notorious for being difficult to toilet train, and I've broken probably all the new puppy rules by using puppy pads in the house and confusing the issue, I am super impressed with how quickly he figured this out!!!

Anyone else used these with any success?! I'm so happy, as most of the accidents we missed previously were due to being in a different room dealing with young kids and missing his cues to go... now I can hear him from wherever I am and get him in the garden as he needs.
Brilliant invention! So happy I had to share it!

Snowydaysarehere Tue 13-Feb-18 10:46:57

Mm with 4 ddogs here it would be like living in a concert hall!!. But well done your ddog!!

BiteyShark Tue 13-Feb-18 10:48:11

Yes I used then with some success.

The success bit was they were great for a dog that only pawed at the door (no barking) so if your back was turned you missed it. So for toilet training they were great.

However, as he got older he would ding them to go in and out every 10 mins and sometimes just to get your attention. I eventually got rid of them and now he is back to scratching at the door.

carringtonm Tue 13-Feb-18 10:48:52

I taught my dog to do this as a puppy, then a year later when we got a second puppy, the first dog taught the second one how to use them!

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