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I've discovered a brilliant new toy!

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SistersOfPercy Tue 09-Jan-18 23:33:36

I have a scottie that can destroy toys pretty quickly. He does love a puzzle toy and especially a treat filled toy.

I found this hard rubber snake in b&m at the weekend and is bloody brilliant. I think it was £3.99. The underside is stuff able and quite difficult to remove the treats so it lasts him quite a while. He's never left it alone since it came in the house!

Grab one if you see one!

rightsaidfrederickII Wed 10-Jan-18 00:07:05

We have one - it's brilliant! A smear of peanut butter inside keeps DDog amused for ages. Durable materials too, though the squeaker died rapidly.

DonnyAndVladSittingInATree Wed 10-Jan-18 00:08:18

Ooh thanks OP!

SistersOfPercy Wed 10-Jan-18 12:15:25

Wait, it squeaks!?
He's not found that, but then he's too busy trying to get the kong cheese out of it!

LimeJellyHead Sat 13-Jan-18 20:25:29

I wish I could find something our Zena can't destroy. I bought them loads of toys for Xmas and Zena ate the lot, and when I say ate I mean ate shock

missyB1 Sat 13-Jan-18 20:28:35

Right I’m off to b&m tomorrow.

rightsaidfrederickII Sat 13-Jan-18 20:34:31

Yep, squeaker in the head!

SistersOfPercy Sat 13-Jan-18 23:28:11

Poor boy jumped a mile when I squeaked it. It was hilarious! Snake still going strong and still his toy of choice. Might pick him up the pink one as a spare next time I'm in.

passmethewineplease Mon 15-Jan-18 17:38:48

Just bought one today thanks OP. little shit is still more interested in my shoes

onetwo345 Mon 15-Jan-18 17:40:53

Oohhh I’ll check that out. I struggle to find toys my big staffy crossed with something bigger can’t destroy. He rips up tennis balls within 45 seconds, and demolishes so called “tough toys” within minutes.

Pickledonion24 Mon 15-Jan-18 17:42:52

Sorry to derail but any advice on dog chew bones that don’t get eaten instantly

SistersOfPercy Mon 15-Jan-18 18:02:50

@Pickledonion24 have you tried stag bars and horns instead? I find them much better than chews.

Pickledonion24 Mon 15-Jan-18 18:10:49

No will have a look she loves a pigs ear but nothing lasts long

BarbieBrightSide Mon 15-Jan-18 18:13:35

Just a word of caution - I saw somewhere that you should be able to make an indent with your fingernail in anything that you give your dog to chew as things like horns can damage their teeth if they are too hard (which is a shame as my springer loved his, but won't be having another)

monkeywithacowface Mon 15-Jan-18 18:13:53

Have a couple of these for my pup he loves it. Although try not to be stood too close with bare legs when they shake it vigorously like they're killing their prey. It bloody hurts to get slapped with the head end. Dpup also likes to drop stag horns on your bare toes when you're not looking. Apparently it is my job to hold it at just the right angle so he can gnaw away.

rightsaidfrederickII Mon 15-Jan-18 18:42:38

@onetwo Have you tried Chuck It Ultra Balls? DDog has been known to take a tennis ball from brand new to totally destroyed in ten mins while maintaining a brisk trot along the road. After several months of use, his chuck it ultra balls still don't have a mark on them.

Mighty Mutts have a 3 year guarantee on them, so at least you get your money back I'm quite disappointed DDog has only managed to scrape a few bits off because I'd like my fiver back

SistersOfPercy Mon 15-Jan-18 23:21:26

Murph likes to get on the sofa with his stag bar, then drops it onto the wooden floor with a clatter when told that's not on.

He's not as keen on his horn, though grateful for that because it bloody stinks.

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Mon 15-Jan-18 23:25:53

Our mutt has a buffalo horn to chew. Very toothy husky collie cross and a year later the horn is found strong. Highly recommended.

Will look for the B&M snake this week!

PositivelyPERF Mon 15-Jan-18 23:27:22

I demand photos of all these dogs or I will suspect all of you of being trolls! pretty please

meandmytinfoilhat Mon 15-Jan-18 23:34:16

One of my dogs barks and pesters the others when they've all their own treats but these would be great for them when supervised.

One of them eats antlers so they're out.

I've yet to find something he hasn't destroyed.

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Tue 16-Jan-18 07:33:19

Mutt drying off after a bath....

SistersOfPercy Tue 16-Jan-18 11:57:02

His Lordship, Murphy McManus or as I prefer to call him, grumpy scottish git. 😂

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