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Stick replacements please

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Kimlek Wed 06-Dec-17 08:11:34

My 8 month old cavapoo loves eating sticks. He crunches them down and spits out the bits. Obviously not a good idea! I’ve tried given him antlers, pizzle sticks, beef tails, stuffed kongs etc but he’ll ignore these and try to find sticks. Is there something I can give him that’ll give him the same sention as a stick please?

Wolfiefan Wed 06-Dec-17 08:12:20

Ours love nylabones.

Someaddedsugar Wed 06-Dec-17 08:19:57

Our bulldog is very similar and we bought him this stick toy that he loves!

Kimlek Wed 06-Dec-17 12:07:13

Thanks sugar - I’ve ordered it.

Hoppinggreen Wed 06-Dec-17 12:21:58

I would love to know
I’ve tried every stick replacement going but can’t find anything.
There’s plenty he can chew but not shred and spit out the bits in the same way. Added complication for me is that ddog prefers them when still attached to the tree!!!

Bamaluz Wed 06-Dec-17 13:33:13


I'm sure I read about another, harder wood recently too, I'll have a look.

Bamaluz Wed 06-Dec-17 13:45:23

coffeewood chews

villainousbroodmare Wed 06-Dec-17 17:07:19

I've seen (rather expensive) deer antler chews.

Fatjilly Mon 11-Dec-17 18:55:17

My dogs love a big raw carrot to crunch up.

totallyliterally Mon 11-Dec-17 20:54:49

Yak sticks!

They're not cheap but only thing our dog will work at for ages.

This brand is the real ones. Others are rubbish.

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