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Has anyone given their dog coconut oil?

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Our springer x has epilepsy.

I've been reading a Royal Vetinerary College article about using MCT oil for treating epilepsy. Google tells me that this is coconut oil.

Does anyone use it, for whatever reason? And how do you feed it to your dog - straight off a spoon, mixed in their food?

SparklingRaspberry Mon 08-May-17 21:52:14

I do!

I add a teaspoon to her dinner on an evening. It's great for the skin and coat. I also home make ear cleaning solution if they're ever a bit dirty which contains coconut oil.

If she ever catches herself I also rub the oil on the area too.

I use coconut for myself a lot too - it has so many benefits!

DitchCamille Mon 08-May-17 21:54:43

My dd puts coconut oil on our dogs paws in a massaging type way but the dog just licks it off.

And more, possibly stupid questions.

Does the oil melt easily into a liquid? And does it taste and smell of coconut? (I'm a lifelong hater of anything coconutty, but willing to give it a go to help my little Spuddy)

blue2014 Mon 08-May-17 22:12:41

I use it on my (human) baby - it's melts to liquid in my hands and doesn't taste coconuty (shame cos I love it)

ScattyHattie Mon 08-May-17 23:50:21

Didn't know that it does seem to be very useful

i put a spoonful in the bowl with my dogs food and they usually eat it first. Its solid in the jar (in summer its softer) but easy enough to get out. I buy Aldi's as its £2.50 for organic, cold pressed, virgin oil which seems to cost fortune elsewhere. I'd like to get some salmon oil to combine as that gives better joint benefits but alas short of funds.

The dogs coats are looking better for it and i have also melted a bit to brush the dogs teeth as she's so busy licking doesn't object. I use it for few things and discovered its pretty good at giving some temporary relief from insect bites in a pinch too

It melts easily but supposed to be good to use in cooking as withstands higher temps than other fats. One i get is slightly coconutty, but I like the taste of it even though i don't like anything coconut normally

Thanks, everyone. I'm off to buy some today. Fingers crossed it will help his epilepsy - it certainly seems like it will do no harm

Ginger782 Thu 11-May-17 13:38:24

OP - has your vet diagnosed the cause of the seizures? Before you start any holistic treatment be aware it may interfere with your vet's ability to ascertain what is causing the fits.
On that note, any other omega 369 supplements (wild fish oil, feeding salmon etc) can have a positive result. smile

Ginger the vet says they are idiopathic - they happened for no reason. His tests came back completely normal.

Obviously I will continue with his Pexion twice a day, I was just thinking more of a 'belt n braces job' as my old boss used to say!

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