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Dog's new food gave him the runs, quick help neded

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Fridgedaire Thu 06-Apr-17 21:04:48

My rescue 10 month old has been on dry food, Purina pro plus, but I was recently given a bag of royal cannin. When my regular food ran out I started on the RC but now he has diarrhoea . I have nothing else for the morning and not sure what to do.

BiteyShark Thu 06-Apr-17 21:21:27

Any quick change of food can cause tummy upsets. I think you are usually advised to slowly move them onto a new brand. Are you planning on keeping him on RC? If so I would be tempted to just keep him on it, otherwise could you just give him a small amount tomorrow morning and then nip out to get some more of his old stuff?

applesareredandgreen Fri 07-Apr-17 00:20:03

When my puppy had diarrhoea I was advised to not feed for 24 hours then feed home made poached chicken and rice for a couple of days til he was better. I think we introduced food at tea time rather than starving 24 hours tho as he was getting sad at us eating and not feeding him!

But yes when we initially changed the food that the breeder had him on to what we had chosen to feed we introduced it by mixing the two types together.

MaitlandGirl Fri 07-Apr-17 00:44:49

If you don't have any chicken cook white rice in very weak chicken stock, or give him plain scrambled eggs (no butter or milk) after starving for 24hours.

Any changed in food should be done over at least 4 days by gradually reducing the amount of old food and increasing the amount of new food.

day 1 - all old food,
day 2 - 3/4 old food, 1/4 new food,
day 3 - 1/2 old food, 1/2 new food
day 4 - 1/4 old food, 3/4 new food
day 5 - all new food

Some dogs mamange food changes without any problems but not all so it's best to err on the side of caution.

MaitlandGirl Fri 07-Apr-17 00:45:45

Meant to say - the 2 different foods should be given in the same bowl.

dudsville Fri 07-Apr-17 20:19:01

My vet and the emergency vets we have used in the last 12 month said not to do the starving but to use, as others have said plan scrambled egg, chicken and rice, you can also buy a tube of stuff you squirt into the food like a probiotic that helps settle an upset stomach. My vet also sells tins of dog food especially for upset stomachs.

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