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8 yr old JRT stiff and limpy

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Ignoranus Thu 30-Mar-17 21:48:51

Last Saturday afternoon we took our little JRT to the beach, we stayed about 3 hours and she loved it. She ran everywhere, chased the waves, jumped over stones and generally had a brilliant time. We got home and she collapsed in a heap and slept for a few hours but when she woke up she was really stiff and you could see she was sore. She was limpy and slow on her legs all evening. Sunday she was even worse, really slow and her gait was strange as though she was really aching.
I planned to take her to the vet on Monday but she had improved a lot by then so just decided to keep an eye on her as she was eating and drinking as normal an apart from the obvious stiffness she was fine.
She's improved even more since then but I can still see that she's a little slow and stiff and when I really think about it it's been coming on gradually for a few months, I think the afternoon on the beach just exaggerated it and I could really see how much she's aged.
She loves her walks and is always eager to go but she's definitely showing signs of slowing up a bit.
I have researched yumove and rhus tox tablets and bought them for her, they will be delivered tomorrow and I'm hoping they will help her. Has anyone else used these? A colleague buys green lipped mussel tablets at half the price of yumove and she says her dog has really improved on them.
Anyone else have an opinion?

Noitsnotteatimeyet Fri 31-Mar-17 08:23:36

I'd take her to the vet - if she's in pain she needs a proper diagnosis and painkillers

Nancy91 Mon 03-Apr-17 08:29:42

Get her checked out by the vet so you can get her on some metacam or similar pain relief. The vet will likely want to X-ray her and give her an anti inflammatory injection in the mean time. Is your pooch insured as when my JRT did this it was a little bit pricey but worth it to know she wasn't in pain.

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