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PITA Whippet

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Greenkit Thu 23-Mar-17 23:19:57

I have three whippets, (1) a male 10yr old who just plods round the park, occasionally having a run, but not interested in anything much. (2) A female 4 yr old, who loves to run and play and (3) a male 2 yr old who is the PITA.

Dog 2 and 3 play together, run round the park they grab each others coats and play bite each other, so I have started to muzzle the pair of them, mostly to stop the ripped coats.

Dog 3 has a nasty habit of spotting a dog from the otherside of the field, and running 90miles and hour towards dog and owner and then barking, to get the other dog to run and play. This is very intimidating for the owner and in some cases the other dogs retaliates and if dog 3 didn't have a muzzle can turn into a fight (My dogs fault entirely) in some cases dog 2 will run and join in.

Calling falls totally on deaf ears

So what can I do to improve the situation, dog 2 and 3 are very food orientated if caught in time.

NoBetterName Thu 23-Mar-17 23:52:27

Keep PITA whippet on the lead if other dogs are around until he has more solid recall?

We also have 3. Grippet (Greyhound x whippet) who is OLD. No idea how old but a minimum of 11. Probably over 14. She potters an sniffs everything thoroughly. DDog2, a whippet who is 7 and pretty much bomb-proof. Then ddog 3, another whippet who is 18 months. He's a pain (but he's our pain :-) ) ddog 3 only occasionally comes off the lead because his recall is not solid. It works fine for us. He's learning and when he's completely under control, he'll get more freedom.

Greenkit Fri 24-Mar-17 00:08:44

If I don't let him off he is mental in the house, he needs a run.

What can I do to work on his recall? stubborn bastard

CornflakeHomunculus Fri 24-Mar-17 01:05:44

I really can't recommend the book Total Recall by Pippa Mattinson highly enough for recall issues, it really is fantastic.

Do you always walk the three dogs together? You may find things easier walking them separately, or least walking the PITA on his own. I've got three whippets and there's absolutely no doubt that they're far less likely to make good choices when they're in a group together!!

Whilst you're working on his recall is there anywhere you could take him for a run where you're much less likely to bump into other dogs? Ideally you want to prevent him running up to dogs as much as possible as the more he does it the more of a habit it will become. You could also have a look on this site and see if there's anywhere properly secure near you so you can let him have a good run without any risk of him buggering off.

Working on impulse control can have a really beneficial effect on behaviour as a whole, this video is a pretty good starting point for basic exercises.

A good training class may also be worth considering as it would give you the opportunity to work with him in a controlled environment and in proximity with other dogs but without interacting with them.

LilCamper Fri 24-Mar-17 09:11:07

Put him on a long line attached to a harness while he is learning.

Greenkit Sat 25-Mar-17 08:07:40

CornflakeHomunculus Thank you I will look in to the above

LilCamper whippets can run 35 miles an hour, a long lead is not recommended as they can do serious damage to their necks if they take off.

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Sat 25-Mar-17 08:13:10

If he's this much trouble he needs to stay on a lead, no excuses. Try to find a secure place he can run where he's not a danger to other dogs whilst he's being trained properly but saying 'he needs to be off lead' and stonewalling it isn't right. What if he injures another dog, dogwalker or child?

Frouby Sat 25-Mar-17 08:14:31

My whippet bitch could be a pita occasionally until we had recall sorted out. Pocket full of ham or chicken breast.

Let her off, call her back and administer vry tasty treat. Let her go, call her back, very tasty treat. Let her go further, mid mad whippet bomb around, call her back, adminsiter treat.

I can whistle her a full rugby pitch away and she comes back even if she is playing with another dog. In fact she comes back quicker as gets worried other dog will get her treat.

If he is food focused anyway you are already onto a winner. You just need to find the right treat that really really does it for him. And don't feed him before his walk.

LilCamper Sat 25-Mar-17 08:55:45

That's why I said to attach a long line to a harness....

Greenkit Sat 25-Mar-17 12:25:06

I either keep him on a short lead or let him off

I will pack my pockets with yummys and wont feed before we set off

Vegansnake Sat 25-Mar-17 19:38:21

Can you put up photos of yr whippets pls...mine was a whippet😪

Greenkit Sun 26-Mar-17 08:36:16

My whippets

slipperyfloor Mon 27-Mar-17 11:22:21

They're beautiful!

Agree with others though.

If you can't safely recall then dog stays on lead.

I have a shit recall dog and we book a secure field for off lead time.

Vegansnake Mon 27-Mar-17 18:42:45

Oh my god..they look like my baby did...he's been gone 2 ,1/2 weeks...I miss him and his whippetyness..they are lush.yr very lucky x

HappyFlappy Mon 27-Mar-17 19:29:59

Your whippets are stunningly beautiful - they look like a bundle of boa constrictors, though grin.

They aren't half bendy!

Greenkit Tue 28-Mar-17 19:06:49

I'm sorry vegansnake xx

Thank you for your nice comments

I have seen some brilliant advice on another thread so I'm going to work with him.

monkeyfacegrace Tue 28-Mar-17 19:11:50

You can't let him off lead.

If your whippy ran towards mine at 100 miles an hour, mine would kill it dead. And then all the work I've put in over the last couple years to improve her fear agression would be completely undone. It's not just your dog at risk, I'd be fucking livid as you'd break mine too.

You need to get the recall 100%, or hire a fully fenced area for him to do zoomies. Horse riding schools are good for this.

I love whippies. I'm down to one (boo), but am lining up a blue and white one for the summer.

Lotsawobblybits Tue 28-Mar-17 19:29:50

Our Whippet girl has dodgy recall- I'd keep on a lead or alternate which Whips are off the lead. This is what I do if I have DF'S dog with me- both off together can be tricky. As well if one is with me she is straight back if she thinks she is missing out on a treat.

Agree with pp's. Lots of high value treats- we practice everyday even inside.I tend to feed her after her walks so she is hungry for a treat. I also keep a favorite squeaky toy in my pocket as either a last resort or for the end of walk-few good squeaks and she comes back (9 times out of 10) Also she doesn't associate lead with end of fun time.

I do love a pointy nose heat seeking missile.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Wed 29-Mar-17 14:34:27

Aww, lovely pile of pointy's 😍

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