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Has anyone stopped their dog eating other dogs poo by changing food?

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reup Tue 14-Feb-17 19:03:39

My dog has always been a terrible scavenger but has recenlty seemed even more ravenous.

He use to be on Arden Grange dry but we tried a new dry food online as recommended by a very opinionated dog groomer. I can't remember the name but it gave him the runs even though we changed it slowly etc and tried it for 12kg worth and it got a bit better but still a bit loose.

So since about October we changed to Burns dry and his poo is much better but I think he's got more obsessive about eating dog poo. He used to eat humans poo (we have several parks where god know who poos in them) but never dog. Then it just used to be fresh dog poo now it's any that isn't dry!

Has anyone had this problem and changing food helped? I keep thinking of going on raw food but am worried about not having enough freezer space, not being in the house if I have it delivered and what to do when we take him on holiday or he goes to the dog sitter when we are on holiday.

I did have a look at that site that rate dog foo them but wanted some personal recommendations too.


Whitney168 Wed 15-Feb-17 08:46:32

Are you feeding him enough? Burns is a food that will take weight off dogs very quickly, so he may just be ravenous.

If he doesn't actually need to lose weight, go back to the Arden Grange. It's a good quality food at a very reasonable price. (If you haven't been already, try Swellpets and Feedem for great prices and fast delivery.)

reup Wed 15-Feb-17 08:51:59

They always have such a wide range on their amounts that we have gone for the lower end of the scale,because at one point he was a bit overweight. He was ok at his last check up though. We will try upping it.


Whitney168 Wed 15-Feb-17 09:07:39

I think you'll probably find he's very hungry, then, so as you say up it a bit, add some veg in maybe too if you want to keep his weight down.

AG still a better food when you're looking to buy again, and probably cheaper too.

spongebob5 Mon 06-Mar-17 09:14:45

Hi, just wanted to ask advice about my 6 month old basset hound female puppy. She is fed burns and eats ddg1s poo. She is fed 300g a day of burns puppy food but always seems starving. Should I look to change her food? Thanks

LaGattaNera Tue 07-Mar-17 18:09:02

My last one came from a rescue and was underweight and ate dog poo. Put him on Wainwright's trays initially then raw and he stopped straightaway - I think he was doing it because he was hungry and underweight when he arrived.

robomum40 Tue 07-Mar-17 19:03:08

Hi, I've got 3 GSD's & feed them James wellbeloved, did have a problem with poo eating with 2 of them, I now buy a pineapple a week & dry it out (I used the oven on the lowest heat before I got a dehydrator) they love it, apparently it tastes nice on the way in but nasty once it's been through. Some dogs eat poo as the food that's eaten hasn't been digested properly 1st time round. It's not always the food either, for some it's habit. I've fed raw before & would recommend as you get smaller, less smelly poo, less of a doggy smelling dog & the bones are great for their teeth as long as you don't give them weight bearing bones like leg or knuckle joints, ribs are good & mine used to love getting their whole chicken every week!! Had to stop mine on raw as it was too much cost & time, I was doing dog food more than the kids food, did have 5 dogs at the time though!! You can also keep a close eye on your dog & if it goes to eat poo say a firm no & move the dog away. Hope you work it out somehow, poopy dog breath is ugh!! Anywho, ark at me babbling on......

spongebob5 Wed 08-Mar-17 10:35:33

Lagatta & Robomum, thanks I have started to change both dogs onto Wainwrights. Have to wait and see if pup stops eating poo , I do pick it up regularly but she always seems to find the bits I've missedenvy on the other hand my older dog who I've always thought was a picky eater ( had to mix in tinned sardines with his kibble for him to actually eat it) is lapping up the Wainwrights! So that's a positive smile

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