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My new baby

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murphys Wed 08-Feb-17 09:31:23

I did post a last week, we unfortunately lost our old Labrador which was heartbreaking.

I didn't feel quite ready to get a new puppy just yet, but I do have another dog (she is nearly 3) to think about as she was really starting to pine quite badly. Well we now have a 8 week old male Lab, he is just lovely and although will never replace the space that my old Lab filled, he definitely has creeped right into my heart already.

I know he is brand new, we got him when we was 7 weeks old (I know its young by UK standards, but its the norm here to leave their mothers about 6 weeks). When he was with his mum, he was kept indoors and knows what newspaper is for, to pee and poo on, as the first week he was doing really quite well considering he is so tiny. Of course I did find landmines all over, but took him out after meal, after waking etc as I did with my previous pup who trained really easily.

But this week we have hit a bit of an issue. Its been raining. He doesn't like to be out if the ground is wet. So he wont go on the grass, will run onto the paving, do nothing on there, run back inside and pee and poo on the carpet or mat. Sometimes only now on the newspaper, but its more so now on the carpets. I feel like I have spent an awful lot of time outside wink, but to no avail this week. He wanders around for ages outside, which is fine, but doesn't actually do any toileting outside now, no matter how long we are out there.

He has settled in really well in other ways, is getting on really well with our other dog, she has definitely taking over mothering him. They sleep together at night in the kitchen and doesn't cry, does sleep through, but he is waking up at night and peeing and pooing on the paper. I cant expect him to not yet, but he isn't crying to be let out during the night.

I don't want to confuse him now by going to buy puppy mats, as he is well aware to use the newspaper, I just not sure how to get around him not liking getting his feet wet. We have an undercover area, but that isn't grassed so he wont do his toileting there either, and he has to learn to use the grass now.

I just have to bash on with taking him out, in the rain or not, don't I?

I am not in the UK, so this rain stuff is a bit unusual for him just yet.... wink

BiteyShark Wed 08-Feb-17 10:30:27

Ok so for night time mine did not cry so set an alarm for every hour of two at first to take him out.

For day time ummm if you have stayed out for ages and that hasn't worked could you get some artificial grass and place down outside so it is dry, hope he does his business then clean and bring back inside to keep it dry. Otherwise a battle of wills I guess with you standing until he finally goes and the lots of praise. I do remember waiting and waiting ages for mine to go as he liked to sniff and play instead (I surfed web on my phone to overcome the boredom of standing outside grin)

Oh and good luck with your new baby smile

murphys Wed 08-Feb-17 10:45:09

Thanks Bitey. Although I didn't try it, I don't know about setting the alarm to take him out. If he sees me its play time, and I would be standing outside all night as well at this rate.... I am not too bothered about cleaning up in the morning, he is using the paper in the night, and as he gets older I am sure he will be able to hold it longer.

So I have now been outside for 45 mins, after he had lunch and a nap. He produced a wee, no poop. I had to come back indoors as the phone went.... yip, a poop in the lounge. Gah. I do work from home so I am here but I think I need to move desk outside at the moment grin. So I give him all the praise when he goes outside, and I just don't say anything to him whilst I am cleaning up indoors, gave out a glare at him, to which I get the cutest face looking back at me as if to say, 'I feel so much better now mum....'

I did see an artificial grass thing in the Chinese shop near me. Perhaps I should look at getting that. Its small though, he loves a roam while scouting where to plop...

Ah, he will get there I am sure. I just seem to permanently be carrying around a puppy and a mop at the moment.

BiteyShark Wed 08-Feb-17 10:48:50

Yeah I know the feeling, thought mine had cracked toileting outside but oh no I must have missed his clue (he bashes a bell but sometimes misses the bell and hits the wall) yesterday to turn around and find DDog looking at me doing a massive pee on the floor. It's a good job we love them so much grin

Wolfiefan Wed 08-Feb-17 10:55:19

Look on Dog Training Advice and Support in FB. They have great files and specific advice on toilet training.
My pup didn't whine to start with. The cues were MUCH more subtle. You need to watch them like a hawk.
And why no pics?!?! Come on. Share the puppy!

murphys Wed 08-Feb-17 11:17:54

Thanks Wolfie

Just doing a test as I cannot seem to add in any photos today.

And I don't need an excuse to show him off...


murphys Wed 08-Feb-17 11:21:23

Here he is

cookielove Wed 08-Feb-17 11:26:15

Could you not place a piece of newspaper outside?

pinkbraces Wed 08-Feb-17 11:28:36

He is gorgeous grin

Dollygirl27 Wed 08-Feb-17 11:31:14

Oh my god that face!!! He's too cute!!!

Now I've got that out the toilet training issue... when our staffie was small (she's 11 months now) I have to say I didn't bother with paper or puppy pads. I chucked her outside every 30 mins to an hour to go for a wee or poo. I did have to watch her like a hawk if she was alone in the dining room I could guarantee she'd wee or poo in there. At night I'd wake her up before we went to bed to let her out. I have to admit we were quite lucky because she wouldn't go on the laminate floor in the kitchen so if she wanted to go out in the night she'd cry and wake me up. She did catch on quite quickly, I also found feeding her at the same time everyday helped make her more predictable. Unfortunately she hates the rain as well so it was a little bit of a battle of wills when it's raining now she dashes out and in as quick as she can x

ChocolateRaisin Wed 08-Feb-17 11:32:39

He's lovely!

I had this issue with my GSD pup, I would spend 40 mins outside with him, give up, go in and then he would run straight to his bed and pee on that. One day he did it 4 times in a row!!

The key is persistence, treat reward when he goes outside- not just praise, add a verbal cue when he goes, so you end you end up being able to tell him to go on command, I use 'be clean'. It really is patience and persistence. Never tell off or react negatively to an accident- though it is hard, it does no good whatsoever. Also get a good clean up enzyme spray, to get the scent out of your house. It takes a bit of time but it does happen, as long as you put the work in!

I'd abandon paper/ puppy pads, they just confuse the issue.

murphys Wed 08-Feb-17 11:44:26

Thanks everyone. He is currently asleep at my feet, with no poop produced as yet. I shall take him out again in a bit.

I think I need to think of a new verbal cue word Chocolate, as 'clever boy' is a bit universal... I can just see him giving me a paw and I say he is clever and does a pee there and then. grin

I haven't put down paper except by the door in the kitchen today. I cant put outside Cookie as its still raining off and on today. I think we were doing quite well until the rain started.

Thanks for all your comments and advise. I am sure I will be on this board quite a lot. You do forget quite a lot of things in a few years.

murphys Thu 16-Feb-17 14:53:18

HI everyone, thought I would just a do an update on my little boy.

Was getting very concerned about him as he really isn't eating well at all, thought it was the food so changed that, and I could see his ribs so took him to the vet again (again as he went last week too as our other dog pounced him and hurt is leg sad). The vet said that he isn't too happy as his coat isn't as glossy as should be a he about 1kg underweight. For 9week old 1 kg is quite a bit I think.

So he tested his poop, lo and behold he has hookworm AND coccidia parasite...poor little guy. So he on medication for this now.

Probably explains why he wasn't house training all that well, as the bug does cause diarrhoea and the inability to hold anything in.

Although he was dewormed and vaccinated the week prior, it didn't kill them off. So he will be tested again to be sure he is clear. In the meantime everyone else in the house and our other dog got dewormed too, and everything disinfected.

But he is so adorable, since being on his medication has become incredibly naughty, sure sign that he is feeling better. Definitely sleeping less that he was, so we finding his real personality now.

If I post here anywhere that I have lost something in the house, remind me to look under the bed... that is where everything he finds goes...slippers, ball, chew toy, bowl (yes his bowl), everyones underwear.... grin

BiteyShark Thu 16-Feb-17 16:31:52

Awww glad he is getting better and good spot by the vet.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 17-Feb-17 14:49:59

Okay OP, here's what to do.
Next time he poops, pick it up in a doggy bag, and place it outside, where you would prefer him to go.
He is still, as you know, very much a baby, but this is the way to go.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 17-Feb-17 14:50:49

Sorry, meant to add, he is absolutely scrumptious ! 😄

Wolfiefan Fri 17-Feb-17 14:55:48

Oh bless him. Would he have come from the breeder with that? Have you told them?

murphys Mon 20-Feb-17 07:24:47

Yes the vet is pretty sure that its passed from mum, although they were dewormed there, then again when we got him, but hookworm is notoriously difficult to clear. He was dewormed again now with a stronger dewormer plus he is on antibiotics for 8 days. I did email them to tell them though.

So since Wednesday last week he has put on a kilogram already, eating his 3 meals a day with gusto now, in true Labrador style.

Glad to report that house training has now improved, there is the odd wee now and then, but his poos are all done outside, if he cannot get out (he hasn't mastered the art of asking to go out yet), then he does it on the paper.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 20-Feb-17 09:16:25

Glad he's doing so well.
He is lush OP ! 😄 🎾

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