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dog food recommendations pls - rice allergy

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bonnieweelass Thu 02-Feb-17 21:22:48

My Ddog is allergic to rice and I'm having problems with food.

She's on dry food.

She was originally on Burns but they must have changed the recipe as her poo was a funny colour and had a milky coating.

I switched to James Wellbeloved but she's gone off this and won't eat it, I also think its a bit too hard/big for her to eat and that's why she's not eating it.

I tried Lily's Kitchen but omg stinky farts and lots of diarrhea. Tried different versions and same problem.

I don't want to keep changing her food nor do I want to spend a fortune. can anyone recommend a good dog food brand for rice allergies?

Bubble2bubble Fri 03-Feb-17 08:30:34

Millies Wolfheart is rice- free and also a very good quality food. They do small sample packs as well.

KinkyAfro Fri 03-Feb-17 08:32:39

I 2nd millies

ggirl Fri 03-Feb-17 08:32:50

raw food
loads of different ones online and in pet shops
great for dog's with allergies
and their poos are tiny on it

Needastrongone Fri 03-Feb-17 08:43:15

3rd Millie's. Rice free. Extremely high quality. Order online and they do next day delivery for free.

Mungobungo Fri 03-Feb-17 08:43:59

Fish4dogs. It's fish, sweet potato and pea

Floralnomad Fri 03-Feb-17 11:04:38

I'm another one who feeds Millies , excellent food and service .

JoffreyBaratheon Fri 03-Feb-17 11:16:04

Raw food. Although mine refuses to eat raw meat but happily eats cooked. So although my last 2 dogs had the BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet - the current dog has 'real' food but I have to cook it for her!

They do really well on it and like our other dogs, the poos are tiny, like a squirrel's! Shows you how much filler and rubbish is in commercial food.

Vets always comment on our dogs' weight being perfect - neither too fat (like most dogs) or too thin. They have commented on it for years. Then try to peddle you some expensive 'scientific' food (or hipster 'real' food that's not real at all).

We also have routinely fed our dogs on kitchen scraps to give them some variety on top of the meat. But again, this current dog is a diva and will only eat a limited number of veggies.

I buy big bags of frozen meat and fish. So it's very cheap as well.

bonnieweelass Fri 03-Feb-17 18:37:22

many thanks, I'll look at millies

Chickenagain Fri 03-Feb-17 18:43:16

I've just switched to Millie's too. Excellent product.

oleoleoleole Fri 03-Feb-17 19:01:33

I was going to say but having seen what posters have said about raw food I'd give that a go too.

SparklingRaspberry Sun 05-Feb-17 17:40:07

You honestly can't get any better than raw.

I can't understand why anybody would feed their dog anything else!

JoffreyBaratheon Mon 06-Feb-17 09:59:54

Me neither, Sparkling. When you see how tiny their poos are on 'real' food you realise how bad commercial food must be, for them. My princess refuses raw and likes it cooked but she still has only ever eaten real meat (and veg) since we got her - she's 2 now - and does so well on it like my two previous dogs.

When we took our last cat to be PTS she was 21 and the vet - who looked to be in his 50s - said to us that he'd noticed some strange cancers occurring in increasingly younger cats, that he reckoned was down to commercial food and its packaging... Cancers he never saw at the start of his career. I don't know if that applies to cats only, but it made me think. Our cat had only eaten again either real food (she loved leftovers!) or old fashioned tinned cat food, which apparently is OK. It's the stuff in soft packaging.

The breeder of my previous dog swore by feeding her dogs raw neck of lamb, and she had several Crufts qualified dogs, including the best show dog in its breed, in the country (my dog's sister). So there are some really well known breeders who also use raw meat. As their dogs are hugely valuable show stock, I suspect they wouldn't risk it if it was a bad idea.

I once had another vet rant about raw meat - he had a waiting room display full of some hipster brand or other of expensive commercial food (the sort marketed to appear 'real') - and he'd just said that my dog was the perfect weight, had a lovely coat etc etc but didn't actually ask what we fed her. I kept quiet and just had a little laugh to myself on the way home. He seemed to have a real downer on BARF so I didn't want to embarrass him by saying my dog who was in perfect condition (think she was having her jabs) had never in her life eaten commercial food...

JoffreyBaratheon Mon 06-Feb-17 10:01:38

Should add: that dog was a breed generally lives to 10 or 11. She died aged 14.

IrregularCommentary Mon 06-Feb-17 20:44:48

If you want to feed dry rather than raw, take a look at Eden. It's free of the rubbish you usually find in commercial dog food. Our boxer x has been fantastic on it, and he's prone to having a dicky tummy.

Take a look as this site as well for nutritional info and ingredients breakdowns for most food

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