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Talk to me about a decent jacket for a rain hating lab x staffy

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StarsandSparkles Wed 19-Oct-16 22:16:39

My 8yo lab x staffy absolutely hates the rain and refuses to go out if its raining (even gravy bone shaped bribes dont work 😂)
He got a jacket from my local pet shop a couple of years ago but its wore down and id like to get him a new one
Id looked at the repelz it range when in pets at home today and the aspen parka and the nanobreaker stood out but i dont know anyone thats got one
So can you lovely doghouse ladies and gents recommend a decent jacket that is waterproof (not just showerproof) and not too £££

sparechange Thu 20-Oct-16 13:40:52

Try the Hurtta range
They aren't cheap but last really well and also have a tummy panel to stop water splashing up underneath.

My staffie absolutely refuses to go outside in the rain, and my lab isn't a lot better. The latter, I can't understand because take her within a mile of water on a dry day, and she is in like a flash, but water falling from the sky (and water in a bath) - total nemesis to be avoided at all costs

LimeJellyHead Tue 25-Oct-16 19:08:16

These come in a lightweight version or if your dog is prone to getting chilly, there is also a version with a fleece lining Beautifully handmade and for just a little extra ££ you can even have it made to measure, so it is an exact fit.

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