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Am I feeding enough?/ have I got the routine right?

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FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Mon 22-Aug-16 08:29:58


We picked up our 8 weeks old LBP on Saturday. She is weeing and pooing and drinking plenty but doesn't seem to be eating much. She's been checked at the vet and had her 8 week jab. I just worry I'm doing it wrong, I'm off for two weeks with her so am trying to get into a bit of a routine.
5am-5.15- get up and out for a wee.
5.15-5.45- playtime with door open
5.45-6am back inside and left in kitchen whilst I take DP to station
6am breakfast which she's only been picking at (been giving her same brand as she had from breeder, and bought some more upmarket different stuff for her to have regularly, not sure when to do the switch, I thought I'd leave it a week) so I've been leaving her breakfast down for an hour- picking it up at 7am.
7am-2pm she alternates between playing/cuddling with me, playing with the kitten, napping for and weeing and pooing (all outside so far! smile)
2pm- lunch left down till 3pm and then more play, naps and cuddles of course!
Dinner at 7pm left down till 8pm
And bedtime at 10pm
I go out with her for 30 minutes just before bed time and so far each night we've just had a wee on the floor nowhere near the bloody puppy pads! grin
If anyone has any improvements to this, I'm very open to advice smile thank you very much in advance smile X

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