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Puppy training classes

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RubyCav Fri 29-Jul-16 15:15:18

I need to get pup enrolled in a puppy class. There are 3 near me that follow the KC Good Citizen. What should I ask them/look for in order to chose the best one?

LilCamper Sat 30-Jul-16 09:11:55

The Jean Donaldson questions are good here. What happen's when the puppy gets it right? What happen's when the puppy gets it wrong? Are there any less intrusive or kinder ways to train?

Airfixkitwidow Sat 30-Jul-16 10:05:54

My 17 week old leonberger has just passed her puppy foundation certificate. We are starting her bronze next week but not at the same place as the class was filled with very small puppies whose owners were very nice but scared of my 20kg puppy. This was made more complicated by one of the trainers who openly admitted to not liking giant breeds. So I've spent the last six weeks visiting and watching other cases, asking for recommentions and then having a private session with the trainer of the class I have decided to go with. This was well worth it as she knows and likes giant breeds and was very helpful. All a bit OTT I know but I couldn't face months of dreading going to the classes and then drinking a lot of wine to recover when I got home. Good luck. The training is well worth it.

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