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Dog hospitalised - this is probably the end ... hand holding please!

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iisme Fri 22-Jul-16 14:09:12

Our 9 year-old lab has been under the weather for about three weeks but two different vets (one when we were on holiday) have said it's just a cough and he'll get over it. The holiday one (about 10 days ago) said he was really healthy apart from the cough. We took him back in yesterday as he wasn't really picking up and they took him straight to hospital. They've just called to say he has a serious heart problem. They're going to try him on some drugs tonight and if he doesn't respond, I think that's it. If he does respond, he can go onto pills, but I think we are then talking about months or even weeks, and probably being quite ill. Don't know why I'm posting really - just wanting a bit of comfort. Also, any advice on how to support the DCs (6&8 - they adore him) through it would be helpful.

Jayfee Fri 22-Jul-16 15:04:32

Oh dear. I cried for a week when my beautiful red setter died. My daughter 4 cried for a day. I think it is hard to explain to a child and depends on your own beliefs. When i miscarried I told my small daughter that the baby was now a star in the sky...we also had Santa and the tooth fairy so all untrue.

MiaowTheCat Fri 22-Jul-16 15:13:38

I explained it to DD1 (a very bright 4 year old with a tendency to overthink the crap outta things) that our dog was very ill and hurting a lot and it wasn't a hurting the vet could make better so he was going to give her an injection which would stop her hurting but she would die and not be coming home.

She kind of got that (avoiding the whole "put to sleep" can of worms) and then I phrased it that she was going to be a star in the sky and she'd be up there thinking about stealing DD1's sandwiches (houndie was a very very good sandwich stealer) which DD1 thought was hilarious and for a good few weeks we had her looking up at the sky and telling the dog not to steal it every time she ate a sarnie.

There's a Topsy and TIm dealing with the death of a pet on cbeebies which might help - or might be handy to warn to avoid the fuck out of for weeks and weeks either way - but that's how we approached it last year.

TrionicLettuce Fri 22-Jul-16 15:20:49

Heart problems can be very treatable, depending on the exact issue.

DDog1 had a severe heart murmur all his life and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in his early teens. It was managed very well with drugs for nearly two years and was still under control when he was PTS because of his arthritis.

I do hope he responds well to the drugs tonight and he gets some more time.

Tollergirl Fri 22-Jul-16 15:21:53

Oh so sorry to hear about your dog. We've been through this twice with two retrievers although my DDS were a little younger than your children. It's just a very sad time and I think you have to let them know that it's OK to feel sad and to cry. The worst thing for my older dd was seeing her dad cry (he's a big softy) when our 10 yr old dog died. Although I'm not religious I'm afraid I did talk about doggy heaven as my dd2 was only 3 at the time and it was hard to think of another age appropriate way to tell her. Once we had got over the initial shock and crying I tried to encourage them to talk about all the happy memories they had of playing with the our dog. Brings it all back now and am sending big love at this tough time. xx

iisme Fri 22-Jul-16 15:46:32

Thanks for all the help. Unfortunately, it sounds like the sort of cardiac condition that can't really be treated and will deteriorate even with medication. We are trying to be open and honest with the kids and they are being pretty brave so far.

Pawprintz Fri 22-Jul-16 18:01:37

So sorry flowers

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