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Dry vs wet

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Daftaboutthecat Sun 12-Jun-16 06:34:10

Hi my pup has came and he is eating Royal canin softened down with some water.
I'd like to get him Onto something better.
All advice seems to say go for dry food is there a reason for this? We changed our cat onto natures menu country hunter and couldn't believe the difference in her condition in a very short time.
Natures menu also do puppy food and I'd like to gradually change to this or should I really stick to dry?
I have attached photos of the ingredients.

NoahVale Sun 12-Jun-16 08:27:16

i do this with mine, my previous dog would only have it at breakfast but i have started as i meant to go on.
it is better for them, firmer poos, good for their teeth
and it is better for your pocket.

Daftaboutthecat Sun 12-Jun-16 08:39:18

I can't get my head round why it's so much better for them when I compare the ingredients there is a much higher meat content in the natures menu and a much shorter list of ingredients all of which I recognise. I asked the vet for advice but she would only speak to me about what they sold in the practice.

NoahVale Sun 12-Jun-16 09:33:45

oh your vet sounds unhelpful

Daftaboutthecat Sun 12-Jun-16 09:41:12

I thought so too Noah 🙄

MrsJayy Sun 12-Jun-16 09:47:01

Mine have always been on dry food last dog we had used to get runny poo with any wet food so next dog came to us with dry food was high in protein used to make him bonkers so changed it again but feed your pup what you think is best ,wet food has a lot of water added so you need to feed more apparently

MrsJayy Sun 12-Jun-16 09:49:20

And your vet shouldnt be pushing their products we have had the same vet for years with various pets they gave brilliant food advice

LilCamper Sun 12-Jun-16 10:23:11

Wet food has a habit of sticking to teeth and causing decay.

Dry on the other hand can help keep teeth clean.

tabulahrasa Sun 12-Jun-16 10:39:01

"I can't get my head round why it's so much better for them when I compare the ingredients there is a much higher meat content in the natures menu and a much shorter list of ingredients all of which I recognise."

That'll depend what you're comparing it to...natures menu is a decent food, some dry foods are good too and will have a similar list of ingredients.

Daftaboutthecat Sun 12-Jun-16 10:45:03

Thanks everyone I think a better quality dry is the way to go although might watch there isn't too much protein If it makes them hyper.

MrsJayy Sun 12-Jun-16 11:01:53

Jaydog is a collie though so he is a bit bonkers anyway but the food he came with sent him sky high

Floralnomad Sun 12-Jun-16 11:33:31

At the moment I feed Millies tracker dry and at tea time he gets some cooked meat with it ( kibble only for breakfast) but he loves wet food so when I do my next order I'm going to get some of their wet food and mix feed a few days a week . In the past I've found wet food tends to make it harder for me to control his weight so I won't be giving it every day . Would mixed feeding be a good compromise .

Daftaboutthecat Sun 12-Jun-16 17:52:28

Floral think that is the best option iv been adding a spoonful of the natures menu into his existing dry food will get him used to that and will try the new Ava dry food from pets at home although I see on here a lot of people talking about Millie's do you need to order that online?

TheCrowFromBelow Sun 12-Jun-16 17:56:47

Yes Google Millies wolfheart - if you can store it you can order in bulk.
I'm feeding riverside mix at the moment.

Grumpysfirstwife Sun 12-Jun-16 18:03:53

I use millies wolfheart countryside mix (dry) with my spaniels.

I think it's brilliant, beautiful shiny coats, bright eyes no doggy smell. It's easy to transport if you go away it smells nice too, not at all dog foody, it's cheaper in the long run. They hardly have any stinky farts and they have firm compact poos unlike on wet food.

You can buy in some shops (search their website) but I order online and it arrives really quickly with a 1 hour time slot too.

The amount of times I have recommended it you would think they would have sent me a complimentary bag by now wink

JustBeingJuliet Sun 12-Jun-16 22:16:14

I feed a mixture of wet and dry. For some reason, ddog won't eat dry kibble for breakfast, so she has a handful of kibble and a bit of wet food - something like natures menu, Rocco (from Zooplus), collards or a tin of sardines. In the evening, she happily eats dry kibble. She's got a bit of a delicate stomach so I have to feed a decent quality wet food and kibble or else she's got the squits and gets itchy skin. Treats wise she has a mixture of raw bones from the butchers, dried tripe/chicken necks and dried fish. A whiff of a bonio type biscuit and she's off colour!

Princesspeach1980 Mon 13-Jun-16 06:30:36

I started my dog on Royal Canin because I got a bag free at the vets, but then realised its not that great at all. I switched to Aatu which is 80% chicken, duck or fish, and 20% fruit, veg and herbs. Not one thing on the label that you wouldn't recognise or eat yourself. I do buy pouches or the pate type trays as a treat, just to mix a spoonful into the dry.

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