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Do you vaccinate every year?

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Whyissheontheship Sat 21-May-16 09:08:38

So we get the standard vaccines every year and rabies every three (pet passport).

I was chatting to my MIL and she made me worried. She said her dog got liver disease linked to yearly vaccinations and said that we shouldn't vaccinate every year. So then I went on dreaded Google and now I'm freaked out.

How many of you vaccinate every year without issues? Should we swap to an every three year schedule? I obviously don't want ddog to get sick (with parvovirus etc or liver disease!!)

situatedknowledge Sat 21-May-16 09:11:32

We do. Partly because he'd need it should he unexpectedly need to go in kennels.

HoneyDragon Sat 21-May-16 09:11:59

If you're travelling with your dog you need to get your vacs done to be able to travel or stay in kennels so unless you plan to only travel in the uk accompanied by your pet, or never travel at all with or with out your dog they need doing

Whyissheontheship Sat 21-May-16 09:16:07

Vet said pet passport only requires rabies every three years. We wouldn't in any circumstances leave him in kennels (don't have a problem with kennels but ddog had a bit of a traumatic time in kennels and wouldn't put him through it)

Although mostly we go on holiday in England and Scotland, ocassionally France and he always comes with us

mayoketchupchocolate Sat 21-May-16 09:17:21

We do for the dogs, but not the cats. Mainly because the dogs go to kennels sometimes, but if we go away then the cats stay at home and someone comes in to feed them. We don't use regular flea treatment though, and none of them have ever had fleas so I'm glad we haven't bothered! I agree, there are concerns about vaccinations, however, I've seen parvo virus first hand (worked in a vet hospital) and it's horrid, so images of that make me vaccinate.

PhilPhilConnors Sat 21-May-16 09:20:26

We do, but I think it's only lepto that is vaccinated for every year, some of the things don't need to be done every year (like parvo I think), which can be the ones to cause problems if over vaccinated.
There's a record of which they received so the vet knows when others are due.

Whyissheontheship Sat 21-May-16 09:20:29

I would definitely still vaccinate (ddog loves drinking out of gross puddles!!) I guess my question is does anyone do it on a three year basis rather than a one year.

confusedandemployed Sat 21-May-16 09:21:00

I did when dogs went to kennels. They had 3 years without boosters. Now girl DDog has left us and I've updated boy DDogs vaccs because there is a greater chance of him having to board.

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Sat 21-May-16 10:32:03

No, I vaccinate 3 yearly for the DHPPi and not at all for Leptospirosis. My vet is comfortable with that. The manufacturer instructions on DHPPi are 3 yearly boosters. We holiday in the UK & don't use boarding kennels. The lepto vaccine doesn't cover all strains & isn't guaranteed to be effective for the full 12 months so instead I've familiarised myself with the symptoms & would get her to vet if it ever looked like it was a possibility.

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 21-May-16 11:40:46

Most vaccination schedules are very pared down. My practice does distemper, parvo and hepatitis every three years and lepto every year. We are in a high risk area for lepto and I have seen sadly fatal cases in dogs ( usually the very old, middle aged dogs we can usually nurse through) where their lepto has lapsed beyond a 16 month interval.
I only give a combined bordetella and parainfluenza (KC) if the dog is high risk for this kennels, dog shows or shoots.

TrionicLettuce Sat 21-May-16 13:52:20

My vets follow the WSAVA guidelines, which is the core vaccinations (parvo, distemper, etc.) every three years and the non-core (lepto) annually as we're in a fairly high risk area.

I wouldn't be happy with a vet that insisted on doing all vaccinations every year.

Tamberlane Sun 22-May-16 07:44:12

Vaccinate for lepto and kennel cough yearly even though they are known to be less effective then some vaccines any prevention seems like better then nothing.i vaccinate in spring so highest immunity for the dog while shes most likely to be swimming etc in my mutt comes to work and goes to groomers sometimes so is high risk for picking up bugs.
i also like that another vet gives her a health check in case I've missed anything!our vets do a full health check over before all vaccines.
rabies and the parvo distemper hepatitis combo every 3 years.

Wouldnt chance not vaccinating unless there was a reason i.e. the dog reacted very badly or had an autoimmune issue tbh...have seen to mamy cases of those diseases to want to deal with them in my own pet.prevention is so much easier and cheaper then cure!

Whyissheontheship Sun 22-May-16 08:34:10

Ok great, so I'm getting the feeling people are doing lepto yearly so will keep up with that, but maybe get distemper/parvo every three years along with the rabies. I'll talk to my vet.

Thanks all!

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