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A problem with final stages of houstraining, can you advise or suggest please.

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Freddieready Mon 28-Mar-16 17:39:02

Our 23 week old Wire Fox Terrier is now well settled as a member of the family. He seems almost house trained except for one major issue. He is now allowed around the house and has been for about 6 weeks however he will regularly just squat and wee about a tablespoon. This can suddenly happen even if he has been out for a wee a minute before. It may not happen for a few days then 3 times all at once, he does not yet cock his leg. If we catch him doing it we tend to semi raise our voice and say no, and take him outside immediately.
Can anyone advise what the issue is and how we go about solving this problem.
May I also thank everyone for the on going help that I have received from you all with Freddie's training so far, the advice has generally been consistent and has worked. I hope this is the final hurdle with his basic training!!

Roseberrry Tue 29-Mar-16 08:16:57

Is he intact?

LetThereBeCupcakes Tue 29-Mar-16 08:27:07

I'd get him vet checked, TBH. Small amounts like that may indicate a UTI or something.

Freddieready Tue 29-Mar-16 11:20:22

he is intact and by coincidence he is at the Vets today for a check up, I will mention it in case it is a UTI.

Freddieready Tue 29-Mar-16 18:13:57

Vet does not think it is a UTI as he had tests including urine 2 weeks ago and this has been happening for much longer. She said as a thought that it may be a way of him marking his territory but she was not sure.

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