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Hierarchy of treats?

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AppleSetsSail Wed 23-Dec-15 08:46:46

New dog owner here. I posted a week or so ago that my puppy is doing her business in the back garden which is preferable to inside the house, but we are really keen for her to get in the habit of doing this on walks outside the house instead.

Would it make sense to give her 'tier 2' treats for the back garden, and chicken when she goes on walks - would she be able to work this out?


Cheerfulmarybrown Wed 23-Dec-15 09:24:15

I am a real click and treater but the only time I do not treat is for doing a wee.

The biggest reward for a dog for doing a wee is the actual feeling of relief of doing the wee smile

Treating can side track the dog and confuse them as to what they are being treated for. It can make dogs not complete the wee as they get the treat and then need to wee very quickly later.

I would try gentle praise for the duration of the wee rather than a treat. Using the word you want the dog to associate with doing a wee.

AppleSetsSail Wed 23-Dec-15 10:15:48

I see. Same for poo?

nmg85 Wed 23-Dec-15 11:49:24

I don't and never have treated for a wee or poo. Saying the word I want them to associate and then praise afterwards is all they get

Cheerfulmarybrown Wed 23-Dec-15 13:25:05

Yep same for poo

knobblyknee Wed 23-Dec-15 13:52:11

Agree with no treats for toilet training.
Use one spot in the garden, not the whole garden. That way you dont have to poo patrol wink

WhatAPigsEar Wed 23-Dec-15 14:04:21

How do you get the dog to only use one part of the garden?
Sorry to hijack the thread OP

AppleSetsSail Wed 23-Dec-15 16:28:58

PigsEar - nope, more like I don't want her to go in garden (tiny London astroturf!) and I do want her to go while on walks.

nmg85 Wed 23-Dec-15 16:38:34

If the puppy is young you aren't going to get every toilet break on a walk as they need to go so often unless you are going to walk them every hour at a minimum in day and a couple of times during the night.

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