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puppy. children. moved. exhausted.

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SmileAndNod Thu 03-Dec-15 11:33:09

We really wanted a dog. We did. We have a 13 wk old pup and he's driving me mad. Barking, jumping, biting. I've tried no and ow very loudly, replacing my arms/clothes with a toy. Tried ignoring. Tried loading kongs with treats. He barks louder. I'm feeling lost and at a low point. He has second jabs at weekend so should be allowed out then for 15 mins?
I don't remember previous pup biting this much. He's gone from a lovely snuggly puppy to a nippy whirlwind. The only consolation is that others at puppy class also have bitey pups.
It's just a phase right?

tinkywinkyshandbag Thu 03-Dec-15 11:58:01

Is he going out in the garden at all? Does he have a good variety of toys? Do you reward him when he is quiet? There is a nice game called "sprinkles" where basically you sprinkle tiny pieces of treats (like teeny pieces of chicken) on a piece of grass (when the dog is not looking). Then you let them out and they will spend a good 20 minutes sniffing around for the bits. This tires them out mentally (You need to check for slugs/snails first and pick up any bits left at the end).

My pup is also very tiring. I have taken to taking her out on short trips - this morning we went to the local farmers store to buy her a treat and she got to have a sniff around, it seems to tire her out. I have also carried her on short walks around the local shops etc. People stop to pet her so it is good socialisation too. When she gets over excited I shut her in the dining room where her bed is. She whines a bit but I ignore it and then she tends to sleep for an hour or more. Bliss! When awake I keep her occupied as much as possible with things to chew - she likes a whole raw carrot, or a clean washed milk bottle, or an old croc...I watch her and take them off her if she is getting too carried away. It is completely knackering this phase and I am lucky as my kids are at school all day so it is just the two of us. I just keep thinking that this phase WILL eventually pass and then hopefully she will be a nice calm dog!

Lozza1990 Thu 03-Dec-15 12:01:38

What breed is the dog? Some dogs need a walk to help them calm down, so hopefully will get better once you can take him/her out. Don't get what you mean about 15 minutes. After the second jab you have to wait 7-10 days then the pup is allowed out for however long you like (garden is fine for any age). Just try to tire it out, it will pass don't worry smile

NCISaddict Thu 03-Dec-15 12:05:37

Does he have a crate, if so enforce naps just as you would with a toddler. I used to feed mine in the crate with the door shut and then he stayed in there for 20 minutes, 9 times out of 10 he would go to sleep so I would have a break.
If he got over excited then he went for a nap, despite being a border collie who are renowned for being nippy it seemed to work.They need more sleep than you think and often need to be put to bed.

SmileAndNod Thu 03-Dec-15 12:30:24

I thought they were only allowed 5 mins walk per month of their life?
He's a beagle by the way so yes needs tiring out. Will try the sprinkles idea though he is the least food motivated beagle I've ever met!

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