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Dog number 2 - older or younger?

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nellieellie Mon 19-Oct-15 19:41:32

Thinking about dog number 2. We have a large breed 19 month intact male. Loves all other dogs and people. Generally calm, no aggression. Very confident, some separation anxiety. I want to get a rescue and was thinking an older, say 3 or 4 yr neutered girl. Do people think that's an OK combination, or should I get a younger dog? All advice appreciated.

TheMotherOfHellbeasts Mon 19-Oct-15 20:08:20

I've had both, older and younger and whilst having a younger dog went marginally more smoothly, I think that was purely because ddog3 was much less annoying to ddog1 than pig headed ddog2 was. (Ddogs 1 and 3 are female, ddog2 is male).

It always takes time, patience, and vigilance - ddog1 tried to kill ddog2 at first - but they live together very peacefully now, ddog3 just seemed to slot herself into their dynamic, and whilst ddog1 hated her she didn't want to kill her which was a bonus!

Which breed is your male? It might have some bearing, though individual character will play the most part. Again though, I had always been told that you can never have a female Caucasian Ovcharka with a female Fila Brasiliero as they'll kill each other, but our two girls are fine together, both were rescues so had ishoos too. Character wise they are more similar, more on the same wavelength, I think that's what you need to look for, a dog with the same basic character traits and common interests as your current dog, match making of a sort.

nellieellie Mon 19-Oct-15 22:32:23

Thanks TheMother. Love that you have Ovcharkas! Mine is an Estrela Mountain dog, so flock guardian also. I'd love another big dog, but practicality demands that must be a small or medium. Want a fairly calm dog, not a hyperactive jumping all over the place dog, but a playful one, which I think would suit mine.

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