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Virtual hand hold needed - pup eaten staples

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harryhausen Mon 29-Jun-15 16:58:48

I'm so worried. My gorgeous 9 week border terrier pup got hold of some open staples this morning (he must have got them from under chest of drawers). I turned my back on him for a few seconds and heard him crunching. When I looked I found staples all over the floor.

Took him to the get who has x-rayed him and found 8 staples in his tummy. He said he could operate or we could see if he passes them. He was so negative about surgery that we opted for him to pass them, however the vet seemed very negative about that toohmm

Currently waiting to hear from his second x-Ray to see if the staples are moving through.

The whole family is in tears. I feel dreadful. He's been such an easy pup so far.

I need reassurance of anyone who who has experienced similar with their pup and had good outcomes.

basildonbond Mon 29-Jun-15 17:23:16

No experience I'm afraid but virtual hand-holding from me and ddog

lougle Mon 29-Jun-15 17:45:16

Poor you! I have no idea which is the best option at that age. Presumably if the vet had strong feelings either way he'd tell you?

villainousbroodmare Mon 29-Jun-15 18:12:38

It'll be okay one way or another. He's tiny, but in no way impossible to operate on, but I'd definitely opt for the conservative route for the moment. At least the staples can be very clearly seen on radiographs so their progress or otherwise can easily be monitored (unlike most ingested foreign bodies).
Unfortunately there is clearly nothing your puppy will not swallow, so you are going to need to watch him like a HAWK until (hopefully) he becomes more sensible. A crate would be a smart idea.

harryhausen Mon 29-Jun-15 20:22:07

Thanks everyone. I've just picked him up from the vets. He says the staples have left his tummy and seem to be moving through ok. Need to go back tomorrow for another x-Ray. Pup seems well though. Has eaten ok and had a poo (me and dh sifted through the poo to find any staples but there were none. Maybe too early yet?).

Yes, will have to be mega vigilant. He has a crate which he sleeps in really well, and is happy in it if we pop out briefly. Should I be popping him it all the time? Like making a cuppa etc?

Theonewiththreechildren Mon 29-Jun-15 20:44:50

I had a similar post on here a few days ago but my pup ate a sock! Or at least part of one. Not quite as worrying as staples but it caused a build up of gas in her little tummy causing a fair bit of pain for her. I felt so guilty.

Good news is, that after a day in the vets having ultra sounds and x rays etc, the sock made a reappearance! She is now back to her normal crazy self. My bank account however is not looking so healthy shock thank goodness for insurance grin

Fingers crossed for the same outcome for your pup.

Theonewiththreechildren Mon 29-Jun-15 20:46:57

I forgot to say, that I have been wondering the same thing about the crate. But my mum suggested a puppy play pen so that pup is not completely shut away but is in a safe place! I've not tried it yet but I think I might.

harryhausen Mon 29-Jun-15 20:50:05

Yes, a playpen is a good idea. We made sure the garden is well and truly secure but forgot to check under furniture!

Glad the sock-pup is wellgrin My pup is padding around quite happily and is really lively. Hopefully the 3rd x-ray tomorrow will be even better. X

villainousbroodmare Mon 29-Jun-15 21:33:18

I actually don't like crates or playpens as I think they are lonesome and restrictive and the animal misses out on lots of socialisation and learning opportunities. BUT it beats sequential radiographs to see what the hell he's eaten last.
I don't know. In the last couple of months I've had to open a dog who ate a tennis ball, one who ate tea towels and one who ate kelp. All were adult dogs, two labs and a husky. For Mr Kelp it was the second time he's had a laparotomy for the same reason. One ridgeback puppy who ate a few pebbles and passed them. My own dog will barely eat his dinner, never mind non-food items.
Not sure there is any right answer except vigilance and keeping a supply of safe chewthings.

basildonbond Tue 30-Jun-15 07:43:49

How's your pup this morning OP? Have you completely puppy-proofed the house now? Before our pup first came home I crawled around the area where he was going to be allowed - he was restricted to downstairs at first - and removed or secured absolutely everything he could reach. He's fine now but still partial to sucking on a shoe if someone is stupid enough to leave one out tempting him .., thankfully as he has a soft gundog mouth you get your shoe back in one piece albeit rather soggy ...

harryhausen Tue 30-Jun-15 15:00:24

He's doing well thanks. Dh and I are sifting through each poo (confused) and have found one staple so far. He had another X-ray this morning which showed 3 still in his tummy and the rest in his intestines. So hopefully all moving in the right direction.

He's only allowed downstairs and we had puppy proofed the house. However, I work from home in a garden office. Dh had popped out for a bit and the pup was pottering around the garden near me. Even though the floor was clear I think he must have got a tongue or a little paw under my drawers and found some spare staples (that I didn't know where there). I was kicking myself and felt so awful. Now, I've triple checked under the furniture!

One more x-ray tomorrow then hopefully all clear. Thanks for the virtual hand hold. Baptism of fire in dog ownership.

Sammy3 Sat 04-Jul-15 02:46:16

I hope your pup is ok now. The worst thing one of my dogs ate as a puppy was a small ball of wool. It's not as bad as staples but could have been tragic if it had started to unravel inside her. I was the same as you and had a crate and kept dangerous items off the floor but she was in the kitchen and I hadn't spotted that DD had left the wool within her reach. Fortunately it came out the other end a few, nail biting days later. After eating a few other items, she's now learnt that not everything is edible. Don't feel too guilty about it. Some dogs will try to eat everything no matter how vigilant you are.

FiveHoursSleep Sat 04-Jul-15 10:24:03

Sometimes dogs just eat things.
I had an adult collie cross who swallowed a chewed up shopping trolley wheel. He must have picked it up during a walk. It blocked his intestine and killed off part of his gut which had to be removed.
He'd never swallowed anything troublesome before or since, so god knows what got into him, but it made him very ill.

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