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Kennels in France

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ringing Wed 17-Jun-15 14:49:41

Hello, has anyone any experience of using dog kennels in France? We're hoping to take our dog away with us as he's only 6mths so rather than leave him here for 3 weeks we wanted to take him with us, but for 5-7 days we'll be in a place that isn't dog friendly but the other 2 weeks will be fine so I thought kennels may be the best option, that way we can carry on with all the training etc. Any advice on what to look for or has anyone tried this before? Many thanks

frozentree Thu 18-Jun-15 09:22:20

Yes, we live in France so use our local kennel from time to time, and our dog goes in very happily. The biggest difference from the kennel my mother uses in the UK is that walks are not standard and you have to pay extra for them. If the dogs are sociable, they go in these big exercise pens so they are not cooped up all day. I have no idea whether all French kennels are like this so it would be worth doing a bit of research.

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