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Cost of grooming/cut

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wonderwooman Sun 10-May-15 22:05:18

We have recently moved house & I have put off getting our terrier clipped until I had a recommendation or two about where to go.

So I contacted the recommended lady & have been quoted £35. We have only ever paid between £20-25, so I was a bit 😧. But he was last done in the summer & we were living up north, so am I just behind the curve?!

He's a border (we've never had him stripped), so he's obviously pretty small.

mistlethrush Sun 10-May-15 22:07:54

I'm 'oop north' and have been quoted £35 for a strip but she actually gets clipped for £30 instead as the groomer said she'd never been stripped properly and at her age (8) she wouldn't want to put her through it for the first time... So, depending where you are, seems about right to me!

wonderwooman Sun 10-May-15 22:10:36

Thanks Mistle! I was about to go out & buy my own clippers!

Mrsj70 Sun 10-May-15 22:11:49

I've got a fox terrier,never been stripped, clipping costs me £20 - 22 depending on how scruffy she is! also up north tho

youbethemummylion Sun 10-May-15 22:14:54

I am in the North and I pay £32 for my Bichon which I imagine is a more time consuming job than a Border Terrier

Floralnomad Sun 10-May-15 22:54:48

Im in the SE, I pay £29 for a clip ( patterdale terrier) and my mum has hers stripped at the same place and its £32 ( borders) , they charge me £10 for a bath and blow dry which my boy has inbetween clips ( bath every 3rd week / clip 6 weekly) .

NonDom Mon 11-May-15 07:17:44

I pay £30 for my cocker spaniel.

insanityscatching Mon 11-May-15 10:22:35

I'm Midlands and I pay between £28 and £35 depending on how long it has been since last cut. It is the more expensive groomers though I'd pay £10 less if we went further into town but Eric's had one bad experience already and so we will stick with the one he is happy going to.

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