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How can I get my dog trained better in the car?

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Rainicorn Tue 17-Feb-15 15:18:03

She is 2 years old and despite our best efforts, she still hates going out in the car. We only do short journeys, 30 minutes max but want to go further afield in the summer.

We have a zafira so she usually goes in the boot.

She refuses to lie down in the car and if she does lie down she is up within minutes again. She is a Doberman x so not the smallest of dogs. She froths at the mouth (assuming maybe car sick?) and moans the whole journey.

So far we have tried someone sitting in the back with her, a kong, her pillow in the back, harness and sitting on the seat, our JRT in with her (who is a great traveller), window open. Nothing works.

Any ideas?

Rainicorn Tue 17-Feb-15 15:20:06

Should add, her crate is too big for the boot.

basildonbond Tue 17-Feb-15 19:57:16

I'm no expert and think you should probably get a professional in to help you with this

However it might be worth breaking the whole experience down into tiny chunks and try to get her happy with each little bit before going any further - the only problem with this is you wouldn't be able to take her out in the car until she was completely happy as if she had a negative experience halfway through the programme you'd be back to square one

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