Thanks a bunch, bloody jumbone.

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CarbeDiem Thu 12-Feb-15 11:02:39

Dpup had one for the first time late afternoon yesterday.
I noticed last night her tummy appeared bloated after she ate her dinner but put it down to gluttony.
I woke up this morning to a sick pup and 4 piles of ungodly diarrhea.
The jumbone is the only thing she had different yesterday and after a google around it appears that it's ability to make dogs ill is not uncommon.
It's safe to say she won't get another.

Be careful if giving your pups or older dogs one for the first time.

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Whippet81 Thu 12-Feb-15 12:14:06

I would report it to pedigree. They did recall one of them I think.

natureplantar101 Thu 12-Feb-15 16:20:22

My dog loves these but i agree her poop was slightly runnier after she has them once a month or so i don't think they have ever made her throw up though

CarbeDiem Thu 12-Feb-15 16:52:51

I might contact them but I don't have the packet anymore for the batch no etc..
From what I read online - they are already aware that some dogs become sick after eating them.

She's still not right, bless her - she has the poorly puppy dog eyes and is lazing around more than normal. She's still eating and drinking though and has bursts of energy to want to play so should be back to normal soon.

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Fudgeface123 Thu 12-Feb-15 16:59:21

DPs DM gave my choc lab a large one of these when she was 6 months old, didn't tell us (I wouldn't have let her have it) and I woke up to the dog, the crate and most of the kitchen covered in shit....she then jumped up to greet me and I was covered in shit too.

When I asked if she'd given her anything she denied it but DP got it out of her weeks after. She'll never have another

toboldlygo Thu 12-Feb-15 18:21:45

The ingredients are bloody awful, as is typical for Pedigree products -

Derivatives of Vegetable Origin
Various Sugars
Meat and Animal Derivatives (including 4% Beef)
Vegetable Protein Extracts
Oils and Fats

CarbeDiem Thu 12-Feb-15 18:24:08

Aww bleurgh! Fudge. At least I was spared the shit covered paws.
Sounds like your, then pup, reacted exactly like mine.
That's bloody out of order of dps dm. I'd probably have been ok if she said - 'oh shit, sorry, I gave a jumbone'' but to deny it when you have a sick dog is bloody terrible imo.

She's just had a decent dinner so my fingers are crossed it stays in. She's rather pissed off with the bland diet smile

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CarbeDiem Thu 12-Feb-15 18:29:04

Thanks toboldlygo - I'd been thinking about what the hell was in them but had thrown the wrapper away.

It's weird because she's had some different Pedigree things before - a couple of puppy dentastix and some other treat things that look like bones with marrow (the name has escaped me) and she was fine.
I'll not bother with any of them again now and will stick to the dried pigs ears and chickens feet that she normally has.

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coolaschmoola Thu 12-Feb-15 18:33:18

Jumbone really aren't suitable for puppies. They are a "complementary pet food for ADULT dogs" - adult dog stuff generally causes double ended explosions.

It does say so on the packaging, so it's not really the fault of the jumbone....

MumRaah Thu 12-Feb-15 18:35:11

Jumbones gave both my dogs the shitshmm...definitely off the menu for Dpup

CarbeDiem Thu 12-Feb-15 20:26:38

And here lies the problem - the packaging was not in English. (I'm not in the Uk)
Gah!! I assumed the small one would be ok, especially as she's had other treat things from Pedigree too over the last few months.

After reading earlier about other people's adult dogs getting ill after them I'll not be buying her any even as an adult.

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JLovell Wed 22-Jul-20 14:55:58

I was just commenting on someone's dog being ill after eating a Pedigree Jumbone. mine was violently sick and very quickly about a year ago when I got him one (he's a springer spaniel) Yesterday my partner bought him one and exactly the same thing, so Im not sure what's in this dog "treat" that causes an upset but wont be buying another. Half tempted to write to Pedigree and say whats happened.

SlothMama Wed 22-Jul-20 15:11:57

They are full of crap, you are better off with a natural treat for them.

pigsDOfly Thu 23-Jul-20 13:25:17

You need to be very careful with giving dogs things made for them to chew on.

Some of the manufacturing processes and ingredients of these things that are freely sold in most pet shops are extremely unpleasant.

If you're going to buy anything made for chewing always check how it's made and the ingredients before you give it to your dog.

Things like raw hide chews are particularly nasty.

SassyMoodyNastyImASavage Sat 25-Jul-20 13:09:01

Pedigree food and treats is so full of crap. Try Lily’s Kitchen Woof Brush for an alternative to Jumbone and those godawful Dentasticks.

Lovewithalampost Sat 25-Jul-20 13:14:34

Shouldn’t be eating any kind of pedigree products! It’s awful stuff - both food and treats. A far better treat for your dog (and it’s stocked in supermarkets) is the good boy wagtastic range. All good ingredients.

Lovewithalampost Sat 25-Jul-20 13:15:37

SassyMoodyNastyImASavage Sat 25-Jul-20 13:20:24

Goodboy use far too much rawhide in their products and their chewy braid things are no better than Jumbones.

Lovewithalampost Sat 25-Jul-20 14:06:48

@SassyMoodyNastyImASavage both my vet and pet behavioural therapist highly recommended them - however I have never seen a braid thing. They recommended the pork twists and duck twists. My dog has both and his poos are perfect. That said, he doesn’t eat the rawhide he just gnaws the meat off.

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