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10m puppy peeing on me

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typoqueen Sun 01-Feb-15 18:29:03

Here goes, i have posted about this before, but it seems to be getting worse, 10 month old springer spaniel, been with us 5 weeks, was doing the odd excited piddle and a few submissive ones, but these last 2 days he has been piddling everywhere for no reason, we had him at the vets no UTI, he is walked 3 times a day and has the run of the garden, last night he came in from the garden jumped on the sofa and piddled all over it, today, as i was sitting on the floor sorting through some paperwork, he walked up to me cocked his leg peed all over me!!! what is this all about?? i have been doing all the ignoring and just cleaning it up, but today i lost it, i screamed and shouted and threw him out in the garden, i have never had a dog like this especially at this age, any ideas??

EasyToEatTiger Sun 01-Feb-15 19:25:15

Do you know his history? It sounds a bit as though it may have started through anxiety. What a bugger of a problem.

Booboostoo Sun 01-Feb-15 20:27:31

Sounds like stress. You need to address this from a variety of different points:
- cleaning: get some UV lights to find all the pee spots and clean thoroughly. Also use Urine Off to eliminate smells.
- treat the dog as if it is not house broken, e.g. Out as soon as he wakes up, after sleep, after play, and at least every hour. Go out with him, stay relaxed and wait it out. Reward good behaviour, ignore bad.
- try Adaptil collars and diffusers, they can be very helpful for stressy dogs.

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