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321Go Mon 26-Jan-15 19:12:04


I'm trying to sort out insurance for 8 month old rescue collie and don't really know what I'm aiming for.

Please help!

PDSA - £8000 per year, £8000 annual policy limit (£75 excess + 10% of bills)
Asda - £7500 per year (£85 excess)

Do these amounts sound sensible?

Both (and lots of others I've looked at) give a payout for death by accident/illness. Is this to cover the cost of the pet? He was a rescue so not sure I really need this.

And public liability? How much?

Thank you!

Scotlandfordogs Mon 26-Jan-15 21:42:34

Go for the highest level of cover you can afford. compare policies and look for lifetime cover for any condition. (Petplan's highest cover is the level I'd compare with). Check exclusions carefully. If he's had ANY vet checks where any possible condition is mentioned in notes you must disclose these and they may mean some exclusions being put on the policy (eg. If notes mention a heart murmur then insurance often try not to cover circulatory conditions) The sooner you insure him, the better before he needs anything. public liability is in case he injures a person, property or another animal. Death cover is more important to owners who spend thousands on a puppy instead of rescuing an animal who needs a home.
Good luck!

tabulahrasa Mon 26-Jan-15 21:59:53

Death cover is weird and pointless and I have no idea why it's on any policy, they don't pay it for illnesses I'm sure, it goes down as the dog gets it's basically just there for if your young dog dies in an accident.

I wouldn't want to be paying 10% of bills.

You want the most cover you can get, check things like whether some conditions have a separate limit (I've seen policies with a limit of £1750 for cruciate repair), whether behavioural treatment is excluded, what the limits are for alternative therapies are and what they class as alternative therapies (physio is sometimes classed as that).

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