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Naturediet wet food in trays

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pigsDOfly Sat 01-Nov-14 18:13:25

Just thought anyone feeding the above food might be interested in what I was told at the pet shop today.

Naturediet have changed their method of cooking and there is a marked change in its texture.

Apparently they used to cook it in the tray and then seal it, but found that resulted in it going bad quite quickly; obviously the food not having had time to cool before being covered.

They now cook it in the tray with the lid on but the texture is much looser and fairly mushy; I haven't seen it, just what I'm told.

You can tell the trays cooked with the new method because the lid is crinkly.

My dog won't eat mushy food so this is yet another food I'm going to have to stop buying - last time the meat content was cut and the food also became very mushy.

Going to try her on 'Simply' now, it has a higher meat content and a firmer texture.

LoathsomeDrab Sat 01-Nov-14 19:52:12

If you want a wet food with a good meat content and proper 'meaty' consistency have a look at some of the European brands on the Zooplus site.

Rocco especially is excellent. It's 100% meat and has a good, firm texture. It also comes in loads of interesting flavours. My dogs love it and it's surprisingly cheap.

Rinti and Animonda GranCarno are also pretty good.

pigsDOfly Sat 01-Nov-14 19:56:54

Thanks, will check that out Loath

whatsinaname01 Sun 02-Nov-14 08:58:09

I've had to stop buying this food now. My dogs used to love it, got one of the new 'wrinkly' trays, opened it, and the smell was awful. Both dogs confused. No way would they touch it.
Went back to shop, they've had loads of complaints from customers. The shop recommended a different soft food so I've switched, dogs are nowgrin

pigsDOfly Sun 02-Nov-14 12:07:17

Can I ask you what you switched to whatsinaname?

As I said in my OP my pet shop suggested Simply, which has a high meat content, but I do find if it's too high in meat it can make her poo a bit runny.

whatsinaname01 Tue 04-Nov-14 17:36:10

Hi pigsDOfly.
I switched them onto Forthglade- the meet content is 88% (on the Chicken box I'm looking at), so I don't know if that is to high for your dog. I mix the soft food in with dry food and my dogs have been fine.

pigsDOfly Tue 04-Nov-14 19:37:01

Thanks for that whatsinaname. That's not one I've heard off. I'll have a look at that as well.

That's a very high meat content sounds like it's very good quality. I'm not surprised your dogs are impressed with it.

I'm still feeding her on the old trays of Naturediet so haven't even got round to trying to get her on to anything else yet; really have to start introducing the new food soon so have to decide what it's going to be.

spiderlight Wed 05-Nov-14 09:38:19

One of ours has been on Naturediet for nearly 13 years but she's not at all keen on the new wrinkly version sad

pigsDOfly Wed 05-Nov-14 12:27:49

Very difficult after 13 years to start introducing a new food I imagine spiderlight.

I had this with the food one of my cats loved. They changed the recipe and he refused to eat the new version or anything else. I was really beginning to panic and in the end I rang the company and asked if they made anything similar to the old recipe; fortunately he was ok with the one they suggested.

I wish they'd just leave things as they are.

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