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needing to love an english bull terrier

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furbaby Sun 23-Mar-14 19:48:39

Went on a walk yesterday which took us by a RSPSA cats and dogs home ,
we were walking with our very loved staffy , and I saw an english bull terrier in his cage watching us walk by .
our darling dog had a fantastic 6 mile walk and i just wanted to grab him to enjoy walk with us we do all we can to give our d dog the best but I just can't switch off from this dog that was watching us .
I need to give this dog a happy home with us .
Dh says no chance , we both work full time and dd dog sits when we work .
How can I switch off from the dog its so not that we want 2 dogs but I just feel its meant to be .

MikeTheShite Sun 23-Mar-14 19:50:23

I'd go and see him I couldn't stop myself blush

YNK Sun 23-Mar-14 19:52:34

I think this dog has found you!
Can you visit and see how he gets on with your staffy?
Your DH could visit as well and see what he thinks.

furbaby Sun 23-Mar-14 19:54:53

I am so tempted . Dh says no but I just feel this need to help this dog , its so not practical as we work but I felt so guilty that our boy has it all and he hasn't sad

YNK Sun 23-Mar-14 21:56:02

Apart from the cost of feeding, 2 dogs are as easy (or maybe easier) as one. They are company for each other.
I think your dh should go with you for a visit so he can see for himself.
I do hope he changes his mind!
Can you volunteer to take him with your other dog for a walk?
It might be they don't get on and if so you will have satisfied yourself that there is nothing more you can do.

furbaby Mon 24-Mar-14 06:04:02

Yes I think I am going to have to work on convincing dh to just go and see it and take it from there ..
Would also have to get on with dd, s staffy as she would be having extra dog in daytime .
Would love to walk him with ours but we are over an hour away , so not that feasible
Thanks both for replys .

MichonnesSamuraiSword Mon 24-Mar-14 11:12:39

Having previously had 3 dogs, now down to 2 - I can tell you that having 2 is no more hassle then having 1.

You still have to do all the things you do for your first dog, so it's no extra 'bind'. They're small enough to fit in the back of the car together (I have a GSD and a Boxer, so if mine can fit, a staffie and EBT should grin)

My main reservation would be how would your staffie take to the other dog - do you think he would enjoy the company of the new dog, or feel pushed out?

Also be prepared that the new dog might have issues and might be harder work than your existing dog, so life might be more difficult for a while, until he settles in.

On the plus side - while my dogs don't really do much together in the house (grumpy GSD can't be bothered with the Boxer loving), they certainly keep each other active when out on walks. My boy is getting older and left alone he would just plod alongside me on walks. With his hyper Boxer sister, he bounces around and has a great time.

If you really can't persuade your DH, could you try sharing this dog's details among your friends to make it your mission to find a home for him? I managed to do this with a friend - they said they were looking for a dog after losing their own, and so I tortured myself looking at adorable dogs on the rescue websites - I wanted them all. I found one particularly gorgeous boy, sent them the details and they adopted him the very next day! Now I get to cuddle him, and know he's in a very happy home, without having to take him on myself.

As an aside - what utter torture to have the dogs at the RSPCA visible to passing people. I wouldn't be able to walk past in case I saw 'the one'.

Good luck persuading your DH, I too think this little dog has chosen you

MichonnesSamuraiSword Mon 24-Mar-14 11:16:25

And also - I'm currently torturing myself with an utterly adorable American Bulldog / Staffy cross that keeps popping up on my Facebook page needing a home. He's adorable. I want him.

The only thing stopping me is concern that my GSD wouldn't like yet another change to our doggie circumstances. Otherwise, I'd have him in a heartbeat.

furbaby Mon 24-Mar-14 17:21:17

Thanks Michonnes
Great suggestion about trying to find a forever home my self .
our dog is only 9 months and loves other dogs but think his nose would be put out of joint with a new and maybe probmatic dog .
we did have our old staffy up til recently so he was used to having another dog in the house , but she was 16 and didnt do much apart from sleep so no threat to him getting all the attention .

The main problem apart from dh is the fact that we both work full time and expecting dd to have our 2 and her own staffy isnt fair as she has 3 children as well .
If I was home all day I would go against dh wishes and insist on giving adoption a go smile

It was so hard walking past and being able to see the dogs , it was part of a national trust walk so sure many people go by feeling the same as me .

Will keep fingers crossed for you that the American bulldog/Staffy finds a special home and you can stop worrying about him thanks

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