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Worrying future for this pup...

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Goldencity1 Fri 28-Feb-14 14:36:40

At the vets this morning with our Goldie pup for a post spay check, and a young couple (early 20's) were also waiting. They had the most enormous puppy I have ever seen, very pretty, sitting on the man's lap (well hanging off mostly as she was so big).
Got chatting, as you do. It was an Alaskan Malamute bitch, 13 weeks, there for its injections. Their first dog. I said, well your going to be fit exercising her! Blank looks, I asked which puppy class they were going to. Puppy class? What for, no they didn't think they needed help with training, she was good already. Overheard the vet talking to the nurse, worried as they hadn't a clue.
Perhaps they will be fine, hopefully all will be well. But you can't help but wonder how it will turn out......

MothershipG Fri 28-Feb-14 16:54:51

It's so sad isn't it. sad

Because the Husky and Mals are the current fashionable breeds they are already being ruined by irresponsible breeders and owners.

InTheRedCorner Sat 08-Mar-14 22:55:26

Had a conversation during the week with someone that has a mal that is pulling his garden up and being taken on Realy long walks....

It's still a pup so short walks and mind games would work best.

So sad

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