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Need some advice

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Bassetfeet Thu 06-Feb-14 16:48:26

There is a lovely young Husky I see regularly on shopping visit so not nearby. He is left out all day from what I can see (random times out) in a small backyard with no shelter or old carpet to even lie down on.
It has been raining like most of the UK for weeks . He looks bedraggled .
It is only my supposition but I think he is locked out while owner works.

Is there anything I can do ? Apart from dog nap him/her. I am surprised no one has stolen the gorgeous dog . So sick of seeing the trophy dogs bought and then left to misery.
I so wish I could do something . RSPCA won't be bothered as it is not an offence is it? He only looks under a year old .
Thank you .

catstolemypants Fri 07-Feb-14 09:48:38

I would contact the RSPCA they may just pop round and have a look in on him smile

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